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Written by Milan Jara on 1st Oct 2019

Victory – Tin Ceiling Tile by Shanko – #503 - Steel

When making the decision to change the look of a room, the focus often becomes a new paint color, some wallpaper, border or a style change in furniture and flooring. Ceiling tiles are often not even considered or looked at. However, metal ceiling tiles offer an innovative way to create a space with a new style and color without a lot of extra work and cost. They are a good option that can be used to not only to refresh a ceiling but also to clean up a wall or backsplash as well.

The great thing about metal ceiling tiles is that it gives you the option to get rid of your dusty popcorn ceiling that is difficult to paint, your wallpapered walls that will fade and bland paint styles with no texture. You can replace these things or create an accent in combination with them with some great tile options.

You don’t need to be a decorating guru to use metal ceiling tiles. Putting up a new ceiling, wall or backsplash is actually fairly straight forward. There are instructions to help guide you when you put up metal tiles. You can find a style you like, decide whether you want to do drop-in or nail up and get ready to decorate.



The Benefits of Metal Ceiling Tiles

Edgerton Square – Aluminum Ceiling Tile – #2401 - White

The benefits of metal ceiling tiles are many. They have some great qualities that will not only add value to your home but offer a variety of choices to meet everyone’s personal style choices. Unlike some styles of tiles, metal ones add strength to a building while also avoiding the problems of rot, water damage, cracks or warp. They are stylish and can often be painted should you want to retain the design but change the color to suit the décor you want. Metal ceiling tiles are fire resistant and require little maintenance other than dusting every now and then. They are also good at hiding flaws in the ceiling or walls once they are installed.

Metal ceiling tiles, which are also often called tin tiles, are stylishly flexible. The tin tile does not cover all types of metal that are available but is an oft used tile when it comes to tile choices. Metal ceiling tiles are often drop-in or nail up when it comes to installation. Both of these types of installation take some prep work in regard to the building of a grid or for adding plywood for nail up. Assessing what is already on the ceiling is important if you are going with the nail up as the ceiling will need to be flat so the addition of plywood needs to happen as needed. The grid system for drop-in is a little easier as it doesn’t matter what is currently on the roof since nothing will be flush against it. Once the grid or flat ceiling is prepped you should be ready to go.



Choosing Your Metal Ceiling Tiles

Constitution Square – Tin Ceiling Tile – 24x24 – #1221 - Mill Finish

If you make the decision to update a room and you are sure you want to go with metal ceiling tiles, then you need to start to look at styles and installation. Not every room’s style will suit every metal tile. You will need to decide what you want the style of the room to be and how it is being redecorated. You will also need to assess in what capacity the room is going to be used. Rooms in a home may have a very different décor needs in comparison to a room used in a business. It's important to know whether you are doing a complete redesign of a room or an update that will keep many of its current decorating components intact. Knowing what the decorating goal means you will have a better grasp of whether you are going with things that are already established in the room or setting a fresh new design with a complete revamp.

To reach some of these conclusions before you make your choice of metal ceiling tiles you should assess:

  • The room that is being redesigned
    • Dining area
    • Family room
    • Den/Study/Work area
    • Kitchen
    • Bedroom
      • Young adults
      • Couple
      • Toddler
      • Nursery
  • Small or large area – The size of a room can persuade you to look at metal tiles of different shades. Darker tiles may make a room seem smaller and lighter will do the opposite. While neither is a problem, you don’t want to put dark tiles in a small room if the goal is to make it seem like there is a lot of space. Dark won’t enhance an open concept.
  • Personal preference – While the thought of metal tiles seems to imply clean, precise and modern, they actually have a wide range of choices that can be somewhat classic in style as well. Choosing metal tiles that suit your personal taste is important so you can enjoy the room to its fullest. Whether it is old-style copper or brightly colored metal, all can create a space that matches your personal preference.
  • Shades & Finishes – The use of metal ceiling tiles open the door to having the choice of various colors and finishes. Some can even be painted once they are installed, letting you have some sense of flexibility if you want to change colors without the work and cost of buying new tiles. Tiles come in many colors with finishes such as glossy or matte depending on what your personal preference is.

While you probably didn’t think all these questions would come up while you were simply trying to pick ceiling tiles, they are important in helping you make a choice you will be happy with long term. When you have narrowed down the scope of ideas by getting some basic ideas in place, you can start searching for something that really catches your eye. Some companies that sell tiles may even be willing to let you take some home to see what matches or fits in well in the actual room. It’s a great idea to try so you don’t buy something on site to then find out it doesn’t work well in the actual room you want to use it in. 

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