It’s a DIY World and We Love being a Part of it

Written by Milan Jara on 23rd Jul 2011

Some catch phrases seem to run their course and are rarely heard again while others become a part of our everyday language. I believer the term “DIYer” is here to stay and with the challenging economy, it may be used even more over the next several years. You might experiment with the DIY world in an attempt to save a few dollars on a project that simply can’t be put off any longer such as installing new gutters or replacing a hot water heater, but that’s just the beginning of many homeowners’ journey.

If those projects go well, you might try a more ambitious project such as repainting the exterior of your home — after all it’s just scraping, sanding, and using a paintbrush. After the second or third job, you may realize you’re hooked — it’s no longer just about saving a little bit of money.

You find yourself eagerly awaiting the monthly home improvement magazines and look forward to your excursions to hardware and paint stores, but more than anything — you enjoy the sense of satisfaction of gazing at your completed project. You have just played a major part in making your home a better place — many call it sweat equity.

DIY House Painting

Becoming a DIYer

One of the secrets to becoming an accomplished DIYer is choosing jobs that match your skill level. If you attempt installing an unfinished hardwood floor that needs to be sanded and finished as one of your first projects, the frustrations involved could make it your last DIY job. However, tackling the installation of a pre-finished engineered or floating floor might be the perfect first project for a beginning DIYer. It’s an upgrade that isn’t too difficult and the new floor can make a huge difference in the appearance of your room.

DIY Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

Another project that can be ideal for the neophyte DIYer is installing decorative ceiling tiles. If you can use a measuring tape, a utility knife, and construction adhesive, you have the skills needed for this inexpensive project that can completely transform a room. There are even videos available to help you get started. Styrofoam tiles may be the easiest to work with, but faux tin and tin aren’t far behind and they can do for your plain ceiling what the engineered hardwood did for your floor.

It may have started because of the economy, but we are rapidly becoming a nation of DIYers who take a great deal of pride in how the interior and exterior of our homes appear. The sense of satisfaction you feel when the tool belt comes off and you see what you’ve accomplished may have something to do with it as well.

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