Installing 3D Wall Panels

Written by Milan Jara on 24th Sep 2019

3D Wall Panels – Bamboo Pulp – #77 - Plain White

It's easy to get stuck in a decorating rut when it comes to both home and business décor. It seems simple to think about a new color of paint, wallpaper, stick-up borders, or maybe an update to your furniture and flooring but people don’t often go beyond these basic areas. Other options are often overlooked when it comes to decorating.

One of the ways to make a huge impact in any space is to integrate 3D wall panels into the design. If you’re not sure that 3D wall panels are for you, consider the benefits.



The Benefits of 3D Wall Panels

While 3D wall panels are certainly pleasing to look at, installation is also beneficial in other ways. Installing these wall panels on the wall or ceiling can increase the worth of the building, whether it's a home or business. Proper installation of these panels also helps with the acoustics of a room and building overall. They can soundproof areas to a certain extent by dampening the noise coming from inside or outside a particular room. This is very helpful if you are in an older building with multiple floors, a manufacturing facility, a home with thin walls, or an office with multiple use rooms. The ability to dull repetitive and loud sound is a plus.

Using 3D wall panels can also be a financially sound option as they offer a bonus wall or ceiling insulation which works towards lower heating costs. With less heat escaping, you are spending less on heating the room. While this is not the primary reason to be installing 3D wall tiles, it's certainly an added benefit.



Being Innovative with 3D Wall Panel Decorating

3D Wall Panels – Bamboo Pulp – #72 - Plain White

Breaking away from the decorating norms is a good way to think outside the box when working on creating a new room style. 3D wall panels offer a new innovative medium to work with. They offer the designer the ability to adapt, set, and amend décor to make a new and engaging room or build on the basics of an existing one. Similar to wall and ceiling tiles, 3D wall panels have lots of stock to choose from. While they are designed primarily for walls, they can be used on the ceiling if you want to create a specific effect. The 3D style creates an effective look when used on walls and ceilings, something that 2D tiles and regular paint or wallpaper can’t.

The designs and colors of 3D wall panels can be overwhelming when you start looking. It takes a little more work to make sure that when you get them into a place that they not only look good but where they aren’t hindering the flow of people traffic. While 3D does not mean they are extensively large, it does mean that some jut out a bit from where they are installed.

Looking at some ideas may give you a good idea of where to start with these panels so you can make some early choices and move forward in solidifying your decorating plan. Once you look at the room or space you are hoping to redesign, begin to assess decorating trends and panel availability to suit your plans. There are some great areas in a building that these panels can be used for wall coverings for both home and business.



Wall Coverings Ideas

3D Wall Panels – Bamboo Pulp – #77 - Plain White


3D wall panels are an innovative way to decorate a room beyond using simply paint or wallpaper. These panels create a room style beyond what basic wall tiles or painted areas do. Their raised design allows some flair and style to permeate an area, so it exudes a particular design style without hindering the flow of a room. Create a welcoming and stylish entrance or foyer area, a smart-looking dining or living area or a warm home, entertainment room. 3D wall panels create a look that can be the center of attention or an accent for either other decorating techniques or your furniture. You get to choose where you want people's focus to be in the room. Also, note that wall panels may need a little bit of extra attention to make sure they won’t be damaged by people walking into them. Some of the more prominent 3D parts on panels have less rounded edges and need to be placed properly so they aren’t damaged by everyday use.


Decorating a room in a home may have more limitations for 3D wall panels than a business setting would simply because a business space may allow for easier use of them. There is a chance that a business has a greater wall expanse that allows the larger use of panels to enhance the look for both customers and employees. As with ceiling or wall tiles that spark some new decorating trends, 3D wall panels can do the same and create a strong first impression when people walk through the business’s doors. 3D panels can also establish the look of the flying down a hallway of offices and boardrooms, greatly benefit the staging of a display or wall décor, or create a warm and welcoming eatery or lounge area. These 3D panels let you use a simple decorating technique to create an ambiance that reflects a business style reflecting class and success.



Other Options

The fact that many of these tiles are white when they are shipped gives you the opportunity to create further design effects once they are in place. Lighting can create great style if used in conjunction with these tiles. LED lights or colored strings behind or around the panels creates visual effects that are not only classy for your home but very stylish for businesses as well. It may take a little work to place the panels at the optimal lighting point but there are many ways to use both back and front lighting with them.

Along with being flexible with both color and lighting designs, 3D panels are big enough to make an impact if done right across the wall but also small enough to be considered a piece of art highlighting the end of a boardroom or hallway. Their flexibility extends to both homes and businesses and can be adjusted as your decorating project requires.

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