Get Ready for Santa with Brick Work Decorative Foam Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 15th Dec 2011

This is the time of year that children everywhere are on their best behavior. Homework is done without prodding, baths are taken without argument, and vegetables are eaten without complaint. What is the cause of this phenomenon? Because the little cherubs want to make a good impression for Santa, of course!

He Knows if You’ve Been Bad or Good

They’re acting like angels so that Santa will be sure to slide down the chimney and leave wonderful presents in their stockings or under their Christmas trees. And where are those stockings hung with care? By the chimney, of course!

Brick Work Decorative Foam Ceiling Tiles

And how does Santa manage to get to those stockings and that tree? By sliding down that very same chimney. So imagine how much fun you’ll have with a faux chimney composed of these brick-look decorative Styrofoam ceiling tiles!

It’s Not Nice to Fool Santa

These realistic styrofoam ceiling tiles will fool even the whiskered one into thinking they’re the genuine article.

But these tiles are so much lighter than brick, and they’re much easy to carry and install, too.

Photos with Father Christmas

These faux brick tiles are not only perfect for ceilings, but they would also make a fantastic backdrop for a photo with Santa and the little ones. When formed into a cube, they would even make a great, realistic-looking prop from Santa to sit next to or pretend to pop out of.

Stocking Chimney

A Colorful Christmas

These styrofoam tiles are easy to paint with any water-based paint, or you can order them pre-painted in any suitable color, such as brick red or sandstone to match your house’s exterior. Add some simulated cotton snow and you’ll be ready to roll. Just be on the lookout for reindeer hooves!

Any Time is a Good Time for Brick-Look Tiles

While it’s fun to decorate for Christmas, these brick-look tiles are also perfect for any time or place that you want to achieve a rustic look. Install them on the ceiling of any country-style room, such as the living room of a mountain cabin, the reception area of a wilderness lodge, or even just in your own home den or “man cave”.

So whether you’re trying to have some Christmas fun with your family, decorating a country-style restaurant, or giving your room that homespun look, these brick-look styrofoam ceiling tiles are just the means to give some concrete substance to your style.

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