Decorative Ceiling Tiles Uses Worldwide Shipping to Perth, Australia

Written by Milan Jara on 20th Jun 2013

Do you think you have to miss out on having beautiful decorative ceiling tiles for your home or business just because you’re outside the Continental US? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that Decorative Ceiling Tiles uses worldwide shipping! After all, we serve customers all over the world, from Alaska to Canada and even all the way Down Under in Australia!

Worldwide Shipping

Our worldwide shipping process means that we can ship our tiles almost anywhere in just a few days. We pride ourselves on our prompt service. And our tiles are lightweight, helping you to save on shipping costs, too.

This Aussie’s a Beauty

One of the more unusual and intriguing uses of our decorative ceiling tiles can be found at Embellish Hair and Beauty Salon in East Perth, Australia. This modern beauty shop is using our R82 Circles and Stars styrofoam decorative ceiling tile as a stunning wall treatment surrounding each station.

R82 Circles and Stars styrofoam

The sophisticated black, white, and silver color scheme adds a sleek, modern look to this busy salon. In addition, the Circles and Stars tiles give the customers something beautiful to look at while they’re getting their hair cut! As an added bonus, the styrofoam material is sound-absorbent, so the noise from all those hair dryers doesn’t become even more overwhelming.

A Testimonial from the Owner

Owner Natalie Carson was kind enough to share her story with us. When she built her new salon, she needed to cover walls in a building that was over a hundred years old, “with no straight walls but also lumps and bumps that I thought I would never hide.”

Walls In Embellish Hair Salon, East Perth, Australia

She continued, “The styrofoam tile has made my salon look like my dream.” She found that installation of these glue-up tiles was so easy she was actually able to do the entire job herself. She goes on to rave that the tiles “have completely covered all of the lumps and bumps and given it a very classy touch… Thank you!” You’re welcome, Natalie!

More about Embellish Hair

Embellish Hair is located at Shop 34, 113 Royal St, East Perth, Australia. You can phone them at (08) 9221 7119 for information or an appointment.

Just because you’re outside the Lower 48, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful ceiling, wall, headboard, photography backdrop, or television or film set. Remember that Decorative Ceiling Tiles uses worldwide shipping. We’ll get those tiles to you in a flash!

If you have a ceiling tile project you’d like to share, just email us and you might just see your name in print!

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