Deck the Halls—with Ceiling Tiles!

Written by Milan Jara on 16th Nov 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like . . . snow! And these snowflake ceiling tiles are sure to put you in a holiday mood! There are a variety of these snowflake tiles to choose from in different materials and finishes, so one of them is bound to be right for your home or business.

Cozy Cabins

Whether you have a small or large house or a quaint vacation cabin high up in the mountains, these beautiful snowflake ceiling tiles would be a perfect decoration for ceilings, walls, and even back splashes in any room, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms.

Classic Antique Snowflake Ceiling Tile

Imagine that it’s an evening late in December. You’re sitting on a furry rug in front of your fireplace, while the flames leap and dance. You and your favorite snow bunny or snow buddy are cuddling while the snow falls gently on the pine trees outside. You’ve poured yourself and your honey a couple of glasses of eggnog or hot buttered rum, or maybe you’ve just uncorked a bottle of your favorite wine.

Now you tilt your head back and look up at your beautifully decorated snowflake ceiling. You are right at home in your very own winter wonderland. Wait! I think I hear the sleigh bells now!

Mountain High

Whether you’re a double black diamond whiz, a novice on the bunny slope, or just an après ski aficionado, these beautiful white tiles will enhance anyone’s ski trip. Just add a large mug of rich, dark, chocolatey cocoa with a handful of those tiny white marshmallows. Heaven!

Snowflake Ceiling Tile

These tiles will give any room that light, lovely feeling of freshly fallen powder, and they’re inexpensive enough that you can use them to decorate an entire large ski lodge. Your guests will enjoy the look and feel of these shining silver tiles any time of year.

Pretty as a Picture

These tiles aren’t just for ceilings. Are you searching for a unique look for your holiday photo? Use some of these beautiful snowflake tiles as a backdrop, and your cards and letters will impress all of your family and friends.

Antique Silver Snowflake Ceiling Tile

Put on your most festive clothing, dig up some of those family heirlooms, and click away. Don’t forget to include your favorite husky in your picture, too!

Any of these silvery, shimmering snowflake decorative ceiling tiles would be a beautiful addition to any room, so no matter what holiday you celebrate, you’re sure to have a happy one if you include some of these tiles when you decorate.

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