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Written by Milan Jara on 8th Jul 2021

My Beautiful Damaris – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – 258

Classic ceiling designs remain to be one of the most popular themes out there today. This look may be dated, but it still can look visually appealing, especially when mixed with a little bit of modern beauty.

If you desire a classic look, this guide will provide you with some good ideas. If you want to have a classic look, this guide will help you create some exciting ideas. Classic ceiling tiles are usually the go-to when attempting a classical look due to their rich texture and designs.

So, what are the best ceiling tile designs on the market? Here is a list of tiles and features that will instantly give you that classic look?

Tin Ceiling Tiles

Checkered Deco – Tin Ceiling Tile – #1205

When it comes to creating a classic theme for a room, always consider tin ceiling tiles. If you are looking for nothing but historical style, then look specifically at classic tin ceiling tiles.

There is a wide range of tiles with patterns you can find in various 18th and 19th-century homes and buildings. To get an idea of their sizes, at Decorative Ceiling Tiles, we offer classic tin ceiling tiles in 24 inches by 24" by 24" by 48".

Moreover, classic tin ceiling design tiles are available in tin-covered steel and should be painted on both sides to preserve their beauty for further generations.

If you're looking for classic tin ceiling tiles that are extremely easy to work with and will never rust, then seriously consider using aluminum. One great aspect of using aluminum tiles is that they come in a mill finish. It allows the face to be painted in whatever color scheme you wish to do so.

They create a more decorated ceiling. If you are not looking to paint yourself and would rather have it already applied, we do offer a wide range of prefinished colors for you to select.

If you are serious about your investment and have an unlimited budget, then putting your money towards solid copper is the best way to implement a classic ceiling look. Not only does adding these tiles create such a charming, classic look, but they also bring warmth and a touch of brass to your room.

Their versatility allows you to be able to place them in any type of room, and they will not get damaged or harmed in any way.

Faux Tin Tiles

Laurel Wreath – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – #210

For visual purposes, faux tin ceiling tiles with classic patterns will not have any less effect than real tin classic tiles. If you're serious about maintaining the historical integrity of your theme or property, then, of course, it would be best suited for you to purchase classic tin ceiling tiles.

However, if you're satisfied with imitating the look at a much cheaper and easier installation, then classic faux tin ceiling tiles are perhaps the better option.

What makes faux tin ceiling tiles easier to work with?

This is due to their lightweight and easy-to-cut size. When it comes to real metal, they're not so easy to cut as their thick and solid layer requires a bit more work.

As faux tin ceiling tiles are easier to handle, many homeowners decide to take on the installation process themselves, and it's usually carried out with no trouble at all. It may not be the case with metal ceiling tiles unless you already have experience with this type of work.

As mentioned, their price is far less than what is required for real tin metal, and this is usually a common reason for customers to go with faux tin ceiling tiles. Not only are they more cost-effective, but they don't ignite as much echo as their counterpart.

Tin ceiling tiles are solid metal, so this automatically causes echoing within a room. As faux tin tiles are usually made from either PVC or styrene, their softer surface allows no bouncing of sound.

Arabic Caprice II – FAD Hand Painted Ceiling Medallion – #CCMF-116-2


By adding a ceiling medallion, you'll be giving your room that extra bit of a classic look in no time. This ceiling fixture adds a touch of formality, and it can immediately draw the eye to it. If you have a high ceiling or dome ceiling, then you should select something that draws the eye from the vast space.

If you add a medallion along side some modern lighting, then this can create a very stunning decor. Although medallions have been around since the 19th century, they mix well with certain contemporary fixtures, but they will always remain a symbolic, classic centerpiece.

Classic Victorian Ceiling Tile

Regarding tin ceiling tiles, one of the most popular designs for a classic look is Victorian. These were highly popular in the 19th century, but you can still see them in many households today.

The Victorian era's style and class remain a widely chosen theme for many homeowners, and that's because a classic decor theme tends to be used often.

A Checkered Pattern Tiled Design

When we look at a checkered pattern design ceiling, we automatically sense being inside a classic environment. Whether it's on a ceiling or a floor, a checkered pattern declares class and vintage flair. What's great about this pattern is that its versatility means you can use it for many different spaces, and it'll still bring an elegant charm.

To achieve the best effect, place the checkerboard tiled pattern in a diagonal format. You also have an option for creating a bit more interest by placing veined marble for the white tiles. This makes the design even more classic, so it's highly recommended.

In creating a visually pleasing classic ceiling design, there are many options out there that you can easily exploit. The ideas listed here are just a small number of ways from a large pool of designs that can be used.

Patterns can be intricate, and there are other design elements such as basket weaves that can be used to create a soothing backdrop to bring other elements in a room together. If you plan a classic ceiling accordingly, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

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