Celebrate National Craft Month with Classic Butterfly Needlepoint and Counted Cross-Stitch Decorative Tin Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 7th Mar 2012

If you love sewing, knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, rug making, beading and jewelry making, painting, card-making, scrapbooking, or any other type of arts and crafts, March is your month. National Craft Month celebrates arts and crafts and the folks who create them. And there’s no better way to celebrate than pampering yourself by creating your very own “Crafting Cave”.

A whole room is great, but even just a corner that you can make into your own crafting retreat will allow you to work smarter and help you feel more creative.

A Crafty Organization

Start with drawers or shelves for organizing and storing your supplies. There are several companies that specialize in entire armoires and storage units, if you can afford them. But you can get the same effect for much less with rolling drawers with see-through fronts or open shelving from your local department, thrift, or dollar store. You can even put your own storage unit together with simple wooden planks and bricks or cinder blocks.

Of course, you’ll need a large flat work surface and a sturdy, comfortable chair.

Scrapbooking Is a Fun Craft

Good lighting is a must to avoid eye strain when working on those finely detailed projects. Choose a corner near a brightly lit window or hang a swag lamp over your work table.

And, of course, the finishing touch will be to cover the ceiling. We have two great designs that would be a perfect fit: Classic Butterfly Needlepoint and Counted Cross-Stitch decorative tin ceiling tiles.

Classic Butterfly Needlepoint

The Classic Butterfly Needlepoint tin ceiling tile features a large, beautiful butterfly that appears as if it were stitched right onto the tile, surrounded by tiny flowers encircled with stitching of their own.

Butterfly Needlepoint Tile

This beautiful tile will not only emphasize the crafty look of your room, it will also impart a summery feeling that will open up your work area and make it look warm and sunny.

Counted Cross-Stitch

The Counted Cross-Stitch decorative ceiling tile features a unique design with 16 squares and two distinct intricate designs that look like stitching.

Counted Cross-Stitch Tile

This tile is reminiscent of the samplers sewn by colonial girls to show off their handicraft prowess, which, of course, was essential to good performance as a homemaker and wife.

Whether you prefer paper crafting, jewelry making, or another creative outlet, you deserve your own space to create. Make it practical with the right equipment and make it beautiful with Classic Butterfly Needlepoint or Counted Cross-Stitch decorative tin ceiling tiles.

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