Best Metal Backsplash Ideas for 2018

Written by Milan Jara on 10th Aug 2018

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There’s no question that a backsplash, when done well, can make a kitchen pop. Used for various reasons, homeowners opt for backsplashes to bring high-end looks and practicality to their everyday cooking space.

Though the ceramic backsplash tile has been popular for years, as many kitchen design experts will tell you, metal is one of the leading backsplash materials on the market. These metal backsplash designs give cooks the functionality and pristine design they always wanted right in their own homes.

Of course, it is known that metal backsplash materials, such as stainless steel backsplash because it can stand out amongst the other design elements that can sometimes crowd a kitchen. This type of decorative backsplash brings charm, durability, and functionality to the heart and soul of every home around the world.

Many homeowners choose the metal kitchen backsplash due to their ability to stand out amongst the other design elements that can sometimes crowd a kitchen. This type of decorative backsplash brings charm, durability, and functionality to the heart and soul of every home around the world.

Benefits of Metal Backsplashes

Of course, you may already know some of the obvious benefits of having a metal backsplash in your kitchen. In case you don’t, here are some of the key benefits:

  1. They’re easy to keep clean
  2. They are durable and will withstand high temperatures from the stove/oven
  3. The different designs give you the ability to make the backsplash unique to you
  4. They come in a variety of colors with aluminum and bronze as the top two choices
  5. They add charm to an often-forgotten area of the house

Drawbacks of Metal Backsplashes

  1. They scratch easily, which makes flat metal backsplash designs easier to deface
  2. Not all faux metal products are created equally so keep an eye on out while shopping
  3. Some designs are more expensive than other materials such as ceramic, glass, etc.

Here are the top 5 best metal backsplash ideas for 2018 and how you can achieve the same look in your home without breaking the bank.

Kitchens Only?

Installing a metal backsplash doesn’t only have to be confined to the walls of your kitchen. In fact, many homeowners are branching out and taking their metal backsplash ideas to the bathroom.

Bathrooms seem to get left behind in the design phase of many homes, leaving them with less-than-desirable in the area of aesthetics. But, with the rise of DIY projects bringing projects such as metal backsplashes into the homes of millions with a reasonable budget, the bathrooms are no longer left out.

If a metal backsplash is what you’re aiming for in your bathroom, check out this unconventional use of a backsplash in the loo.

Metal Backsplash Ideas to the Bathroom

Notice the placement of the corrugated metal on the bottom half of the wall inside the half bath. This unique use of a metal backsplash brings character to the small space and allows bathroom users to feel like their escaping to another place when they’re using it!

You could even use this in your kitchen instead of the bathroom! This metal backsplash is highly versatile and functional.

Get this look here.

Does 'faux' mean a waste of money?

Does ‘faux’ mean a waste of money?

If you’re ready to tackle a big project like adding a backsplash to your kitchen wall, you may also be preparing yourself to spend a great deal of money. The good thing about a metal backsplash is that you can actually go with a faux product rather than a real metal.

Metal backsplash tile will save you money all around and still give you the same seamless look you were hoping for.

You will find many different faux metal materials on the market, but one of the best faux metals for kitchen backsplashes is faux tin. These products look just like the real thing and give you high-end looks on a lower-end budget.

You can also get this same design (and other faux tin designs) in the aluminum color. The bronze color will run you a bit more on the budget end of things, regardless of whether it is faux or not. Keep that in mind when shopping for your faux tin!

Shop the different faux tin looks here!

A Penny for Your Thoughts

A Penny for Your Thoughts

One of the most popular metal backsplash designs is the penny look. These metal backsplashes resemble pennies laid flat and stuck on the wall. They come in various colors, from aluminum to bronze, which gives you the ability to customize your pennies to match your home’s decor.

This is an example of a stainless-steel penny-inspired metal backsplash that is sure to leave your guests speechless. It is timeless, striking, and durable, wrapped into one backsplash. You will have a backsplash that will last for many years to come with this metal backsplash choice!

Bringing Back the Basics

Bringing Back the Basics

There is nothing wrong with bringing back design basics and decor, especially in a kitchen.

Before DIY backsplash installations were actually a “thing” in our culture, industrial kitchens such as those in restaurants, schools, and other large facilities used large sheets of stainless steel as their backsplash.

Why is this such a popular metal backsplash idea? Because this style is durable and flame-resistant, it is also easy to clean. Homeowners decided to bring it into the home many years ago, and the idea has stuck around.

The reason for the enormous sheets of stainless steel sticking around in the kitchen décor department is two-fold: homeowners enjoy an easy-to-clean material, and they like to keep their budgets low. Because this material is flat and straightforward, homeowners do not have to pay extra for the design work, as seen in other metal backsplash designs.

Subway Tiles Coming Your Way

Subway Tiles Coming Your Way

Kitchen backsplashes and bathroom backsplashes alike have both become synonymous in the world of mainstream media with subway tiles. Many homeowners think of the subway tile design when they think of a backsplash.

For many years, this was the go-to backsplash design. It was easy to install, and it looked elegant. There was no question that anyone with this type of backsplash was high-end.

Since the rise of the subway tile's popularity, companies started making these tiles in stainless steel material. This made them great for the kitchen—easy to clean, highly durable, and exceptionally pleasing to the eye.

You can now have your own stainless steel tiles as your new metal backsplash design! Your kitchen will certainly thank you.

Add Even More Appeal with Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tile

You can also choose from a variety of mosaic tile you can use in interior design. Stainless steel tiles in a mosaic design are now elevated. The hexagonal pattern of mosaic tile combined with the clean and streamlined aesthetic of stainless steel appliances will certainly draw the eye. One drawback to mosaic tile are the grout lines. To remedy this, consider using a darker grout between your tiles.

Achieve a Professional Finish

Metal tile backsplash and metal backsplash trim are great ways to achieve a more professional appearance in a kitchen or bathroom. You can even use metal backsplash trim with glass tile for a backsplash for more elegance and charm.

Glass tiles make good backsplashes because they are made with non-porous materials and are stain-resistant. The metal is very complementary to a contemporary kitchen design.

How Do You Install a Metal Backsplash?

When installing a metal backsplash, you want to make sure your measurements are right, and you have enough metal tile for the job. The installation is pretty straightforward and easy and is a good basic DIY project for homeowners. However, it can take some patience, and you want to make sure you take the time to do it right.

Learn how to Install a Tin Backsplash here!

Ready for some more kitchen backsplash ideas? Read on!

Creating a Modern Kitchen Look

For a modern kitchen design, you want clean and sleek lines and an eye-catching and structured pattern. The metal backsplash you choose should be highly polished and naturally reflective. This will make even a small space appear larger. These metal backsplashes are relatively low maintenance and can be found in bold colors and simple color schemes so you can add character without overwhelming the space.

Creating a Contemporary Kitchen Look

Metal backsplashes are also great for creating a contemporary kitchen look. You don't have to pair a metal backsplash with other shimmer and shine features. Instead, combine your metal backsplash with other materials like natural woods in your cabinetry or countertop to create a contemporary kitchen style with a slight traditional touch.

Creating Luxury on a Budget

Ready to bring a touch of luxury to your kitchen? A silver metal backsplash in a diamond pattern combined with white marble countertops and light-colored cabinetry can do just that. You get the look of an expensive interior design project without breaking the bank with your backsplash material.

Copper tile lets you achieve that high-end look and make a huge impression on any space. Over time, a copper tile backsplash will also deepen in color.

How to Use Metal Backsplash Trim in Your Design

Want to trim your metal backsplash to add more style to a remodeled kitchen? Here are a few ways to use metal backsplash trim in your design. Also, remember, installing your edging is just as easy as the tile installation and also makes another good DIY project for you to tackle.

Leave the Edge Raw

You can choose to use no metal backsplash trim at all and just leave the edges of your metal tile raw and exposed. This exposed tile edge creates more of a rustic appearance and is great for any industrial-themed or country-style kitchen.

Use Wood Molding

You can use wood molding to trim a metal backsplash too. If you have a more natural and wood-themed aesthetic and want the wood molding to match the rest of the trim in the room, then wood molding is what you want. You can match the cabinetry, countertop, and other fixtures in the kitchen to create a more cohesive and put together look.

Use Wood Molding

You can use wood molding to trim a metal backsplash too. If you have a more natural and wood-themed aesthetic and want the wood molding to match the rest of the trim in the room, then wood molding is what you want. You can match the cabinetry, countertop, and other fixtures in the kitchen to create a more cohesive and put together look.

Trim Your Metal Backsplash with Tile

If you find that you just can't decide between a tile backsplash or a tin tile backsplash, you can use both! Trim your metal backsplash with ceramic tile edging. You can use different colors and textures to make the ceramic tile pop against your metal tile.

Metal Tile Edge Trim

You can also use metal trim against a metal tile backsplash in the kitchen, and it will still mesh in flawlessly and seamlessly. You can match the metal tile trim to the metal tile you chose for the backsplash, or you can choose a contrasting metal edge trim for more appeal.

Warm metal trim in gold, brass, and copper works well with warmer hues like reds, browns, and yellows. Cool metals like silver and chrome work well with cooler hues in blue, green, and violet colors. Brushed nickel, for example, has a warm undertone, so it will pair well with brass and gold.

As you can see, your options are endless when it comes to finding a metal backsplash and decorative tile that fits both your design and functionality needs. Take your kitchen to the next level with a new metal backsplash!

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