Antique Ceiling Tiles Got A Touch Up For A Man Cave

Written by Milan Jara on 30th Apr 2011


Today I am going to share with you Don’s creation, who has lightly dusted with flat black paint our 210 Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles to achieve more Antique look for his Man Cave. I will also post Don’s email to me, which he gave me his permission to use along with his images.

Here is an image of our 210 Antique Copper Tile

210 Antique Copper Tile

Here is an image how they look after Don’s treatment to be a perfect fit to his Man Cave.

Antique Ceiling Tiles

I think he has done an amazing job to make each tile look uniquely antique and quiet honestly it looks as if they were burnt. Pretty cool look, in my opinion.

Antique Ceiling Tiles

Here is the email from Don I have promised to share with you:

Hey Milan,

I bought your ceiling tiles many months ago. you may remember that I emailed back saying that they were a different color than the sample tiles I had received? And in the end I decided to keep them as I was going to add a bit of black spray paint to each one to give them a more aged, antique look. I promised to send you a few photos when my project was completed.

So here they are. I think they came out great. I just did a very light coating of flat black spray paint on each one, and not a thorough job either, just hitting them with about a 50% covering. In person, you can still see some of the original copper colors on each tile, but every tile now has a different, unique look, like each one weathered differently on its own over the ‘decades’. They look great and I think a bit more like old metal.

I also put up crown molding and hid strings of lights behind it so it sends out a nice glow along the top of the walls. It’s a pretty cool room now and everyone compliments the tiles. Glad I found your company.

Enjoy the photos! Put ‘em on line if that helps you.


Don Sickle

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