10 Window Cornice Ideas for Your Home

Written by Milan Jara on 2nd Oct 2022

Window Cornices

You can make your windows into anything you want with many window cornice ideas available. Read on to learn more about your home's top window cornice ideas.

For modern windows, cornices are always in style, constructed of wood cornice boards that have been expertly stained or covered in a beautiful fabric. They offer your room a polished appearance and give your projects a touch of old-world majesty.

Are you looking for new window coverings or design suggestions? Experiencing valence fatigue? Would you like your window treatments to have a modern designer touch? To add sophisticated style, many smart homeowners are installing new window cornice ideas over their windows.

1. Simple Yet Elegant

Any room can benefit from having a stunning focal point created by a basic straight box cornice covered in fabric, some additional banding components, and matching curtains. This modern window treatment works nicely with linen fabric in a solid hue for a neat appearance.

To bind the components, you can add banding to the bottom of the fabric of the cornice and the bottom of the drapery panels. Typically, people choose a solid hue in a neutral shade and add banding with vibrant pops of color to compliment their decor and add interest.

Cornices With Scallops

2. Cornices with Scallops for Formality

Scalloped cornices can enhance the beauty of more formal rooms, such as the formal living and dining rooms. If your windows are nearly floor-to-ceiling, you can attach the cornice at ceiling height and extend it further than the standard length to give the room height and outstanding visual appeal. The easiest way to add texture to the room is to pair it with curtain panels made of a more opulent fabric.

3. Two-Layer Cornice

A two-layer cornice can make a bathroom or kitchen window glow, no matter how much natural light they get. You take a plain straight cornice box and drape one solid color fabric over part of the bottom and another solid color fabric over the remaining piece. For a cohesive look, both should be hues repeated in the walls, ceiling, cabinets, or other furnishings.

4. Wood Cornices

Window cornices made of wood, in your choice of oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, or walnut, and shipped ready-to-finish, are becoming increasingly popular in homes, adding the newest twists to the traditional window accessory. Like many high-priced custom improvements, these contemporary, clean window treatments create a statement while raising your house's value.

They'll also make your space more enjoyable for you generally. A wood cornice can fit your windows, whether traditional, transitional, contemporary, or modern. Consider adding faux wood beams to add even more warmth. The benefit of cornices is that you can also build them from scratch with some simple woodworking skills.

5. Metal Window Cornice

Metal window cornices won't take up a lot of space because they fit into compact areas.

Numerous colors are available, including white, black, silver, gold, copper, and others. These patterns come in a variety of sizes and forms. They are perfect for enhancing the elegance and decor of your home paired with an accompanying stainless-steel wall panel. For instance, some window cornices feature a shelf where one places plants or other objects. Some of them even feature a built-in light. People who enjoy displaying plants or other collections in their homes find them especially helpful.

6. Cornice Molding

Another window cornice design concept is cornice moldings. They perfectly match your home's architectural style and are made of wood. Usually, you can find them near windows and doors. To fit your tastes, you can paint or stain them.

You can choose from various options, depending on how you will have to use it. For instance, you might choose a conventional cornice with a flat top or a curved half-circle cornice. You can also choose the trim and cornice molding pack for various home decor choices, and many folks favor painting their cornice. Before adding the final coat of paint when painting, a primer is applied to prevent peeling and cracking.

7. Vinyl Window Cornice

Window cornices made of vinyl are sturdy and straightforward to maintain. They don't require painting every couple of years, but you can paint them if you want them to last even longer. Vinyl window cornices come in many designs. You can use them in any room of your home, including the living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and more. You can personalize the designs to give the cornice a unique stamp. These cornices are primarily in bathrooms and kitchens, but you can use them anywhere in your home.

8. Glass Window Cornice

Glass window cornices are a great way to make your windows look even more beautiful. They offer privacy while still letting in an abundance of natural light. They come in a variety of colors and designs. You’ll find colored, frosted, or clear glass, for instance. In some circumstances, you can purchase a single item that serves as a window valance and a window cornice. Window cornices can help keep your house warm during the winter, and in the case of bright sunlight, they can also lessen glare.

9. Rustic Window Cornice

Country homes with ceilings made of corrugated metal are the ideal setting for rustic window cornices. They are made of wood and resemble basement trims with a rustic vibe. They are distinctive since they are frequently handmade and come in various designs and wood types, including mahogany, oak, pine, and cedar. Rustic window cornices are an excellent option for people who love to decorate with light. They frequently include a built-in lighting system.

10. Curved Cornice

Curved Cornice

The curved cornice is the most typical style of window cornice. It comes in a huge variety of styles, making it perfect for improving the look of your home. They are made of various substances, including wood, vinyl, steel, and aluminum, and are easily adaptable to your preferences. You can choose from many finishes, including matte, satin, and gloss. A range of hues is available, such as black, brown, cream, and gray.

Bonus Idea: The Modern Cornice Board

Modern cornice boards are often made of aluminum material. They are great for modern homes because they are streamlined and fashionable and come in many colors, including gray, blue, green, red, and more. Not only are contemporary cornice boards beautiful, but they also add a distinctive style to your house.

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