Decorative Ceiling Tiles Partners with Shanko Industries for New Tile Offerings

Written by Milan Jara on 11th Apr 2014

At, we are always looking for new products that are beautiful, innovative, and of the highest quality. So we are proud and excited to announce that we have found exactly these qualities in products from a company that has stood the test of time, Shanko Industries.

Shanko Tiles Boast Beautiful Designs and Great Quality

The oldest and largest manufacturer of decorative metal ceiling products in the US, Shanko has been manufacturing high-quality ceiling tiles (they call them “plates”) for five generations. Since 1896, Shanko has used sand-cased steel dies from original wood carvings to create all of their beautiful tile designs. This process gives Shanko’s tiles an incredibly sharp definition that brings out the finest details of their most intricate designs.

Shanko Proven Track Record

Shanko’s customers range from private parties to large international business chains such as Swensen’s Ice Cream Parlors, TGI Friday’s, Outback Steakhouse, Ann Taylor Loft, Wet Seal, and the stunning new Tokyo Hard Rock Cafe.

Aluminum and Tin-Plated Steel Finishes Available

Decorative Ceiling will be offering a wide variety of Shanko designs in both aluminum and tin-plated steel finishes. Like all of our tiles, these new products are easy to install and simple to paint. And they’ll look just as great combined to make a wall panel, headboard, photography backdrop, backsplash, or set decoration as they will on a ceiling of a room in your home or business.

Shanko Tin Cornice

We will also be carrying beautiful Shanko tin cornices.

Shanko Tin Cornice

These tin cornices provide the perfect finishing touch to your Shanko decorative ceiling tile installation.

If you’re looking for a high-quality decorative ceiling tile from a leading manufacturer with a proven track record for generations, be sure to check out our new line of beautiful tiles from Shanko Industries!

When you finish your Shanko tile installation, email the details and a few photos to us, and you might just see your beautiful work online!

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