Wrap Up Your Holiday Shopping with Ribbons-N-Bows Decorative Tin Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 15th Dec 2011

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Neither have I. But I’m sure that when I do, I’ll have a great time wrapping all my gifts in beautiful paper and making them look beautiful with satin ribbons and puffy bows. If you like making things look pretty, you’ll love these Ribbons-N-Bows decorative tin ceiling tiles!

Silken Ribbons and Satin Bows

What adorable little princess wouldn’t love having these pretty tiles decorating the ceiling of her bedroom?

Ribbons-N-Bows Ceiling Tile

A frilly canopy or four-poster bed with a pink and white ruffled quilt or bedspread would lend the perfect romantic touch to her own private Camelot. These tiles are even available pre-painted in a variety of pretty colors, including pastel pink, baby blue, and sunny yellow. Just add pillow fights and giggles!

Crafty Ceilings

Another great place to install these tiles would be a craft shop or scrapbooking store. The shiny raised embellished serpentine ribbons and brilliant curvy bows are sure to inspire your patrons in their creativity and designs for memory keeping when they spot these cute tiles on the ceiling of the shop, craft room, or cropping area.

It’s a Wrap


These Ribbons-N-Bows tiles would also be ideal for a gift shop or even a gift-wrapping alcove in a department store or specialty shop.

Toss in a few red and white candy cane canopies, a few striped tables, and some white wrought iron sweetheart chairs with comfy padded seats to make your customers feel cozy and pampered. These ceiling tiles would even make great surprise presents themselves!

Pretty as a Picture

Of course, these Ribbons-N-Bows decorative tiles would also make a pretty backdrop for taking photos of your adorable baby, infant, or older child. Dress your little one in a lacy dress, frilly onesie or toddler-sized three-piece suit and he or she will strike the perfect pose for the cutest holiday photo you’ll ever wrap up and give to grandma!

So whether you want a fun way to decorate a bedroom or business, or you’re looking for an original background for pictures, wrap up your shopping with these sweet Ribbons-N-Bows decorative tin ceiling tiles and tie it all up with a big satin bow!

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