Victorian Ceiling Tiles? The Queen Would Feel Right at Home with Them!

Written by Milan Jara on 25th Oct 2011

You will feel as if you are in a bygone era sipping high tea at a classic London hotel, mansion, or castle with these exquisitely designed Victorian ceiling tiles. The intricate shell-like fan and chevron designs will remind you of the smooth, creamy frosting on one of those fancy little tea cakes that you will imagine yourself nibbling on. In fact, the design looks so much like snow-white frosting that you might be tempted to dip your fingers in and swirl them around, but it’s much better to have these tiles on your ceiling!

Victorian Styrofoam Ceiling Tile

These decorative ceiling tiles will give your room a look of polished elegance and sophistication, whether it is a traditional formal dining room, a parlor, a sitting room, or even a guest room.

Color Me Sophisticated

You can also paint these light weight but sturdy styrofoam tiles with any water-based paint. Or if you prefer, purchase them pre-painted in a variety of colors ranging from neutral and sophisticated ivories to pretty pale pastels to glamorous deep jewel tones and metallics.

Ballroom Bliss

If you have a large home or mansion and are looking to add a traditional look to make an impression on clients, customers, or friends, these graceful tiles would enhance any large room, such as a ballroom, concert hall, or music room.

Ladies and gentlemen alike can easily picture themselves twirling around the room beneath these lacy tiles in the arms of their charming beaux to the strains of a Mozart gavotte or a Strauss waltz plucked and bowed by a delightful string quartet or chamber orchestra.

Victorian Ceiling Tiles Will Enhance Any Style

The whirls and whorls and the absorbent nature of the foam will enhance the sound of both live and recorded music. Your room will look and sound as if you spent a fortune on it, but nobody needs to know that you didn’t spend a million—that will be our secret!

Formal Dining

In a large, formal dining room, the ceiling needs to be attractive and interesting. These Victorian tiles will add just the right amount of visual diversion to impress your dinner guests and enhance the dining experience.

Great for Small Rooms, As Well

Just because we don’t live in multi-million-dollar mansions, that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t live a cultured, genteel lifestyle, too. Installing these Victorian ceiling tiles will have you feeling as if you are a member of the sophisticated upper class—without having to spend as if you were rich!

So whether you live in a large, impressive house or a small, cozy home, it is easy to get a traditional, sophisticated look that you will love with these lovely, intricately designed Victorian ceiling tiles.

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