Upgrade Your Space Using Modern Drop Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 7th Jul 2022

Drop Ceiling Tiles

Want to update your space but are on a budget? Change the look of a room easily with modern drop ceiling tiles.

Decades ago, suspended ceilings were often used in basements or offices to conceal electrical, mechanical, and ductwork. While they were good at hiding unsightly ceiling wires, junction boxes, and pipes, their drawback was reduced ceiling height. Over time, the look became dated. Now, designers have made this idea more contemporary by using modern drop ceiling tiles.

Why Use Modern Drop Ceiling Tiles?

As mentioned, suspended ceilings conceal wires, plumbing, etc. very well, making them perfect for basements.

The pros of drop ceiling tiles are that you can install them easily. While it might not be the quickest method, it isn’t difficult, either. Furthermore, once they are installed, the tiles are easy to change if they get damaged. With other types of ceilings, if there is water damage or any other type of damage, the entire ceiling may need to be replaced. This isn’t the case with drop ceilings.

To change out a tile, just push it up, twist it 90° or just enough for the tile to slide through, and pull it down. While it may not be easy on the muscles due to the angle, it is a quick job and very cost-effective.

Also, if you ever want to change the look of the ceiling, it is quite easy. All you need to do is measure the square footage and purchase new suspended ceiling tiles. Installation is simple, and in hours, you can have a completely different look.

The only disadvantage is that some of the decorative tiles can deteriorate over time, meaning that if you remove them, they may disintegrate depending on the material. It’s a good idea to cover the floor when changing the ceiling tiles to collect any debris.

Also, if you want to paint the ceiling tiles, some materials may quickly absorb the paint and you may have to do subsequent coats for the perfect shade. Also, again depending on the material, some absorb smoke easily, causing stains depending on the color. Removing it isn’t easy as it can eek through the material.

If there is a smoker in the house, consider using the appropriate primer before painting the ceiling.

Modern Drop Ceiling Ideas

For some spaces, incorporating a suspended ceiling is unavoidable. However, you don’t have to be stuck with a completely outdated look. One option may be to update your ceiling. This is an easy and quick fix to this situation and provides an instant overhaul to the living space.

Updating your ceiling involves popping out the existing tiles and replacing them with a more modern design that better matches the style of the home. This cost-effective option is suited for any skill level. With a modern drop ceiling tile, you can design your space to have any style you can conceive, and it can be done effortlessly.

Nice and Natural

When you use natural elements in a space, the texture becomes everything. Using a delicately embossed pattern for your drop ceiling generates visual rhythm to the space, leading the eye to various complementary design elements. For an outdoorsy feel, you can add greenery, leaves, and natural wood, which will help lighten up a space.

You can also weave in sisal rugs, wool rugs, wicker elements, and knitted blankets to provide layered elements to the appearance without the room feeling too coordinated.

Modern Black

Drop Ceiling Tiles

Many people shy away from black because it is such a contrasting color. However, a black coffered ceiling will stand out when surrounded by contemporary décor. A coffered ceiling look can be done using more traditional methods. However, many people "cheat" on the look by using the tracks from dropped ceilings and using a coffered drop ceiling tile.

Doing this creates the same appearance as a coffered ceiling but with less work. Furthermore, when they are used in conjunction with a suspended ceiling, the edge detail of the decorative tiles makes the ceiling grid visually disappear. Then, nothing interferes with the overall style.

If you pair the look with black touches – such as a reverse trim, painting the door/window trim black, or doing a fire surround with a black texture – you can add contrasting interest without making the room too dark.

This style is best in areas with a lot of natural light and large windows. This keeps the room bright and tones down the darkness of black. If there isn’t much natural illumination, you can create a moody den by incorporating heavy textures containing wooden accents.

Coffered Without the Chaos

Drop Ceiling Tiles

Modern drop ceiling tiles can create a coffered ceiling and add dimension to a room without the time and effort of cutting each piece into place. Since they already have dimension, they add the illusion of depth without the work.

This look is great when used in living rooms with high ceilings or in an open concept space to divide up different rooms. You can use them in tandem with a suspended ceiling or glued or nailed to the wall. It’s a very easy update to any space and provides a modern appeal.

Modern drop ceiling tiles can quickly transform a room with minimal effort. Generally, for modern décor, you will want to incorporate a design with clean lines instead of more ornate designs. The exception is some farmhouse looks, which combine modern elements with vintage features.

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