This Tile Use Just Floored Us!

Written by Milan Jara on 29th Jun 2012

Never let it be said that we don’t let our customers walk all over us.

Great Minds Think Alike

Photographers Marcia Sandler and Kirk Voclain each independently came up with this great idea of using our decorative ceiling tiles as photo background floors!

Up is Down

Marcia is the owner and operator of Marci’s Distinctive Photography Studios. Her favorite photo flooring is our DCT 04 “Classic Elizabethan Shield” Faux Tin Glue-Up ceiling tile in Antique Copper.

Elizabethan Shield In Copper

The complex design and shimmering finish of these copper tiles add an interesting look to the photos without overwhelming the subject. The look is sensual, seductive, and just a little bit sexy.

Photo Floor at Marci's Distinctive Photography Studios

As you can see by the photos, whether the subject is posed directly on the tiles or seated, whether the look you want is casual or formal, these tiles can add a subtle but beautiful finishing touch to all of your photos.

A Pretty Patchwork

The photo area in the Kirk Voclain Photography studios features a combination of two of our tiles. The first is the 117 “Eyelet Lace” Faux Tin glue-up tile in Antique Copper.

Grandma's Doilies Quartet Tile In Copper

The second tile that Kirk uses is our the DCT 01 “Argonaut” Faux Tin drop-in, also in the Antique Copper finish.

Argonaut Tile In Copper

Photo Floor at Kirk Voclain Photography

Because the two tiles come from different manufacturers, the colors of the two copper finishes are slightly different, but Kirk was able to alternate them successfully into a beautiful—if slightly eclectic—combination that enhances the appearance of his striking model and photos.

Whether you’re a professional photographer taking formal and informal studio shots or an amateur camera buff just taking a few candid wanting to preserve your family history, a decorative ceiling tile floor makes a great background for all of your photos. Visit our website to view more photos.

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