Classic Ceiling Design Ideas

Posted by Milan Jara on 8th Jul 2021

Classic ceiling designs remain to be one of the most popular themes out there today. This look may be dated, but it still can look visually appealing, especially when mixed with a little bit … read more

Ugly Ceiling Tiles

Posted by Milan Jara on 1st Jun 2021

Have you looked at your ceiling recently and realized that you could win an ugly ceiling tile contest? If so, you won’t be the first person to experience this, and you will certainly not be th … read more

Wood Ceiling Ideas

Posted by Milan Jara on 25th May 2021

When it’s time to decorate a specific room inside your home, your ceiling is just as important as the other areas inside the space. From different variations of houses to the most stunning bu … read more

Crown Molding Ideas to Lift Your House

Posted by Milan Jara on 25th May 2021

Crown molding is a decorative trim that sits high above your head. Its purpose is to create charm and texture, as well as being able to fill the space between your walls and ceiling. It acts … read more

Ceiling Tile Sizes and When to Use Them

Posted by Milan Jara on 23rd May 2021

When it comes to installing tiles, whether you’re talking about a drop ceiling, suspended ceiling, or acoustic ceiling tile, the size of each tile is an important factor for your installation. … read more