Your Ultimate Inspiration Gallery for Interior Design with Decorative Copper Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 18th Apr 2023

Your Inspiration Gallery

Now that you know how versatile copper wall tiles can be for interior design, we wanted to highlight a few ways you can use them around the home or in your commercial space.

In the Bathroom

Copper tile background

Aluminum copper tiles like those mentioned above are thin enough to be cut with tin snips or shears and can easily be installed on your bathroom walls or even in the shower. With colors ranging from red and brassy tones to those with hints of yellow or gold, you can find the perfect color combination for your bathroom remodel.

Modern metal tiles like those we feature here are finished with a coating that resists water and corrosion, making them a suitable material to use in a space with excess moisture and humidity like the bathroom.

In the Kitchen

Copper backsplash with custom lighting

A copper mosaic tile backsplash in the kitchen offers a more refined look that meshes well with various styles, including modern, traditional, country-inspired, and minimalist interior design. Copper mosaic tiles also add a bit of elegance to any space and can cover a kitchen wall or create a stunning backsplash. Copper goes well with brick accents and marble or granite countertops.

With a bit of strategically placed lighting in the kitchen, you can really make your copper mosaic tile shine. Open shelving is also a good way to showcase the copper.



Copper tile can also be used outdoors and can withstand the elements. It is water-resistant and easy to clean. A favorite way to use copper tile outdoors is on a fence or in a planter’s box. It makes a great accent for a garden and landscaping. Tile with a copper finish can also be used around outdoor lighting fixtures. It also shines against stainless steel in an outdoor kitchen.

In a Commercial Space

Glass front desk with copper wall panels

Copper tile isn’t limited to just home applications. They also make a great style option for a commercial space. The more commonly used materials for commercial space and storefronts are porcelain, granite, slate, and ceramic. However, decorative copper tile is the new go-to to create a more eye-catching visual for customers and clients.

It can be incredibly unsightly if you have a ceiling in your commercial building with exposed plumbing and wiring. A commercial metal tile drop ceiling is a good solution. Not only will copper tiles look beautiful, but they have other advantages for a commercial space.

Metal tiles can reduce sound, are cost-efficient, energy-efficient, fire-retardant, and easily installed. They are an affordable solution to an otherwise unsightly and ugly ceiling and give the space that "Wow" factor and the first impression you want.

What Pairs Well With Copper?

A tile with a copper finish pairs well with stone, glass, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. The copper tiles can be used as a decorative border or edge in the space, or they can be cut to fit in corners or used as a copper finish border.

Copper is also complementary with brown tones, wood, black, and natural tones. Mixing copper and bronze with neutrals or whites can bring balance, and copper and gold can create cool tones that complement silver, blue, and other jewel hues.

Copper Decorative Ceiling Tile Installation Options

Decorative Ceiling Tiles’ lines of copper ceiling tiles are designed with the DIYer in mind. Styrofoam and faux-tin tiles can be glued over most existing ceiling surfaces, with very little preparation work normally required. If your existing ceiling is in bad shape or you have exposed joists, faux-tin, solid copper, and polished copper tiles can be installed as part of a drop-in ceiling system.

Lastly, if you want the look of an authentic old-time metal ceiling, solid and polished copper tiles can be nailed into place. Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers helpful online tips on all three installation methods for copper ceiling panels, as well as instructional videos that take you through the entire process.

Copper Decorative Ceiling Tile Accessories

While decorative copper ceiling tiles can enhance any room, it’s often the accessories that provide the finishing touch. Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers a complete line of trims such as cornices and fillers to accent your copper tile ceiling as well as sleeves and cuffs for your drop-in copper tile application.

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