Installing Cheap Ceiling Tiles

Posted by Milan Jara on 14th Oct 2019

One of the best ways to keep a home renovation budget under control is to do the work yourself. Unfortunately, especially for more complicated projects, DIY efforts can fail miserably and … read more

Creating a Fresh Look on a Decorating Budget

Posted by Milan Jara on 1st Oct 2019

Nothing can change the look of a room like the addition of fresh new tiles on your ceiling, walls, or a backsplash. People tend to focus on wall color, window dressings, furniture, and flo … read more

Foam Crown Molding

Posted by Milan Jara on 22nd Nov 2018

The next time you have some time to spare, just take a few seconds to examine the area where the walls of your room join with the ceiling. Is there a distinct line or are there decorative elemen … read more

Drop Ceiling Tiles

Posted by Milan Jara on 22nd Nov 2018

If you are looking for that old tin ceiling look for your home, but are not sure if your current ceiling is level or strong enough to provide the required support, shift to a drop-ceiling … read more