Put the Finishing Touch on Your Basement Remodel with Decorative Tin Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 10th Mar 2012

If you own a house with a basement, you probably use much of it as just storage space. Make the most of that space and turn it into a beautiful living area by remodeling it, and top it off with decorative tin ceiling tiles!

From Storage to Gorgeous

With the help of Pioneer Renovations, these customers in Minnesota were able to turn their storage space into a great living and party area with just a little work, a few supplies, and some new appliances. Of course, the fist step was to remove the clutter.

Declutter The Basement

After decluttering, the workers fixed up the walls and floors, installed the counters, and covered everything with a beautiful warm beige. Into this pristine room went brand-new appliances. A new energy-efficient washer and dryer were installed, along with kitchen appliances, including a microwave and full-sized refrigerator, also energy efficient, that are conveniently located for use during parties, large or small. Of course, appliances are available in a rainbow of colors these days, but these homeowners chose white to emphasize the sparkling cleanliness of their brand-new décor.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Beautiful beige and brown cabinets installed in a sparkling new sink rounded out the kitchen area and can also be used to pre-soak or rinse laundry.

Maid in Manhattan

With only a high window along the wall above the appliances, the homeowners’ decision to install our Manhattan reflective tin ceiling tiles paid off brilliantly.

Manhattan Ceiling Tile

As you can see in the “After” picture, the tiles were installed as a suspended ceiling with built-in lighting flush with the tiles, reflecting their soft light and adding a warm glow to the entire area.

Its The Finishing Touch

So if you have a cluttered, crowded basement that you’re using only to store things in boxes that haven’t been opened since you moved in, stop procrastinating. The coming of Daylight Savings Time this weekend marks the perfect time to toss that old junk, install some new energy-efficient appliances, and transform that dungeon into a beautiful new room that you can use for parties, work, or just hanging out and enjoying. And for the perfect finishing touch, install your favorite decorative tin or faux tin ceiling tiles to add some sparkle and shine.

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