Pros and Cons of Having a Drop Ceiling with Commercial Ceiling Tiles in the Office

Written by Milan Jara on 18th May 2019

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The office isn’t a space where most people think of trendy ceilings for more reasons than one. However, having a drop ceiling with commercial ceiling tiles isn’t only good for creating uniform work environments, they are also good for other things.

Before stepping into the decorating space of any office, consider the pros and cons of having a drop ceiling, or suspended ceiling, with commercial ceiling tiles first. There is a variety of options you can choose from ranging from your typical office ceiling panels to more on-trend commercial ceiling tiles and even acoustical tiles for better sound absorption. There really is an option for everyone out there.



Pros of Having Drop Ceilings with Commercial Ceiling Tiles in Your Office

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+ Practicality

While some commercial ceiling tiles are pretty dull to look at, they are practical, though some may have asbestos ceiling tiles and obviously need replacing. Building office spaces can become costly if the right materials aren’t used. Either the space will have the infrastructure of the building itself exposed or drop ceiling tiles or panels are used to cover up the metal work as part of the ceiling grid.

+ Reduced Sound

One thing about drop ceilings with commercial ceiling tiles is that they are great sound reducers. Because many office spaces are built with metal beams, noises can reverberate in the space. This can cause distractions for those trying to get their work done if the noises aren’t reduced. You may even want to avoid hearing your coworkers’ conversations while trying to complete your tasks, which can be achieved with drop ceilings with commercial ceiling tiles. More work and fewer sounds make for a conducive work environment.

+ Cost-Efficient

Commercial office spaces are often built without any idea of who the occupants will be in the future. This means that building the office space without spending a fortune is often the goal. With drop ceilings made with commercial ceiling tiles, builders save a great deal of money. If an occupant isn’t happy with the commercial ceiling tiles, they can always change them out later.

+ Energy-Efficient

Looking to save money on the heating and cooling bill each month? Office spaces who use drop ceilings with commercial ceiling tiles find that their heating and cooling bills are cut down, which reduces the overall spending each month. Drop ceilings with commercial ceiling tiles are also known for their ability to reflect off of surfaces. If an office space uses drop ceilings and has windows in the space, the commercial ceiling tiles will draw in the natural light from the windows and reflect off of the ceiling tiles. This will save on lighting costs, too.

+ Easy Install/Removal

Building an office space without knowing the tenants can often mean remodels occur after the building has been occupied. The great thing about drop ceilings with commercial ceiling tiles they can be easily removed if they are no longer wanted. They are also easy to replace when damaged. If something in the infrastructure must be replaced such as electrical issues or ductwork, the commercial ceiling tiles in the affected area only are the ones that have to be removed. This is great news because it means the work can be done without disrupting the entire office!

+ Fire-Retardant

Fire marshals do not take chances when it comes to making sure fire codes are up-to-date. That’s why having drop ceiling commercial ceiling tiles are the best solution for your office. They are fire-retardant and help with reducing flame-spreading.

There are many pros to having drop ceilings made from commercial ceiling tiles. However, there are also some drawbacks that you may want to consider first before adding them to your workspace.



Cons of Having Drop Ceilings with Commercial Ceiling Tiles in Your Office

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- Durability

Drop ceilings with commercial ceiling tiles are not going to put you in danger of having something fall on your head during a typical workday. However, the commercial ceiling tiles are lightweight, which means they wouldn’t stand up in natural disasters such as earthquakes or tornados. During such weather concerns, the ceiling tiles could shake loose and fall to the ground causing concern for those on the ground. However, you will probably look for shelter in a much more structurally-sound location that doesn’t have drop ceilings, which would make this concern a much smaller one.

- Continuous Maintenance

Nothing about owning an office building screams low maintenance. There is typically always something has to be fixed. However, having drop ceilings with commercial ceiling tiles could mean more upkeep on the ceiling front. They do not last quite as long as other ceiling materials, which could mean more fixing down the line. Drop ceilings are known for their commercial ceiling tiles sagging over time or becoming discolored. Both are quite unsightly and could mean unhappy customers or workers if left untreated for too long. The good news is that while this is still true for drop ceilings with commercial ceiling tiles, there are newer materials out there that are decreasing these issues little by little.

- Lowered Height

If you want office space with open ceilings that give you an airy feeling, drop ceilings with commercial ceiling tiles are not the way to go. Because of the word “drop” in drop ceilings, the height is literally dropped lower than most other ceiling structures would be. This reduces the height of the room, leaving some people feeling too confined or even claustrophobic. If you are simply replacing an old drop ceiling, the height should not change. However, if you’re adding a drop ceiling to a standard ceiling, you will undoubtedly lose a few inches of height. Keep this in mind especially if you have taller employees or frequent customers.




Laurel Wreath – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – #210 - Antique Brass

It is safe to say that if you are looking for a cost-efficient, easy-to-install/remove, energy-efficient, and practical solution for your office ceiling, drop ceilings with commercialsuspended ceiling tiles for office buildings are the way to go. They might not be the most forward in the design department, but commercial ceiling tiles have come a long way. To check out some of your options, head on over and find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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