Play Cupid with D’vine Cherub and Guardian Cherub Decorative Custom Tin Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 8th Feb 2012

It’s common knowledge these days that a glass of red wine is good for the heart, but these cherub ceiling tiles will help you find the way to your sweetie’s heart when you surprise your significant other by installing D’vine Cherub or Guardian Cherub ceiling tiles for Valentine’s Day.

Impress for Success

These frisky cherubs are sure to impress your sweetheart or beau, whether you install them as ceiling tiles, as a photographic back drop, or even as a glittering room divider.

No Sour Grapes

Lovers, wine lovers, and mythology buffs will get a kick from these frisky winged cherubs who appear surrounded by luscious bunches of ripe grapes on these whimsical custom tin tiles. The D’vine Cherub custom tin ceiling tile features an upright, active winged babe, while the Guardian Cherub tile depicts a more relaxed, reclining tyke.

D'vine Cherub Tile

Even Cupid himself would be impressed with these tiles!

The Loveliest Tiles, Bar None

Whether you’re looking to impart an atmosphere that would please the god of wine, Bacchus, or just one that helps your friends, families, or customers relax and refresh, these cherubic angels would be perfect for a vineyard or winery tasting room, a pub, club, inn, bar, or tavern.

Guardian Cherub Tile

As a special surprise—and just in time for Valentine’s Day—you can even order these Guardian Cherub cute tiles in a rosy (or rosé!) variegated crimson tint or even glimmering bronze or Athenian bronze.

Wine Not?

Just imagine how much fun you and your honey could have reclining on crimson satin cushions in a room festooned with green vines under a ceiling decorated with these romantic tiles. You sip a glass of cool dark wine and gaze warmly into one another’s eyes while a violin plays sweetly in the background.

Luscious, Ripe Purple Grapes

Image: Sura Nualpradid /

A softly glowing lamp draped with violet silk handkerchief dabbed with the flowery scent of your favorite perfume impart a rosy glow to your countenances as you feed ripe, juicy purple grapes to each other in between smooches. If that doesn’t put the two of you in a romantic mood, nothing will!

From ancient Greece and Rome to modern times, it has been said that cherubs have the ability to bring couples together and turn them into lovers. Why not put these angelic beauties to the test with these cute and sweet D’vine Cherub and Guardian Cherub Custom Tin Decorative ceiling tiles!

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