Our Extra Large Faux-Tin Ceiling Panels Cover Big Spaces!

Written by Milan Jara on 20th Mar 2013

If your time is limited and you want (or need) to install your ceiling quickly, or if you have a large rectangular area to cover, our extra-large faux-tin ceiling panels are just what you’re looking for!

Extra Width for Extra Coverage

Because they are twice as long as our regular 24” x 24” tiles, these 24.5” x 48.5” (approximately 2′ x 4′) panels can be easily installed in about half the time of square tiles. This lets you install them overnight or over a weekend without having to disrupt your business or home for a long period of time. Because they are rectangular, they are perfect for installation on the long, narrow ceilings in rectangular rooms such as hallways and restrooms. And at only $19.95 per panel, the price is right, too.

A Design and Color for Every Taste

Featuring a variety of crisp 3D designs ranging from the beautiful and intricate floral Queen Victoria to clean, classic squares, there is sure to be a design to suit your decor.

Each design comes in a 6” pattern in a selection of pre-painted colors and finishes such as copper, bronze, antique brass, white, and silver. And if you don’t see the color you want, you can easily paint the panels yourself with a brush, roller, or sprayer and the same commonly available paint you would use to paint plastic.

Faux Tin Wall & Ceiling Panel - 24x48 - #DCT 0320

Installation is Safe and Easy

Made from durable polystyrene, all of our faux-tin ceiling panels are both sound-absorbent and Class A fire-rated for safety, so they can be installed in any commercial or residential area without worry. As with our square ceiling tiles, these faux-tin rectangular panels can easily be cut with ordinary household scissors.

These tiles are currently available in the glue-up style. They can easily be installed with any ordinary contact cement adhesive.

From the clean, classic, and traditional to the fancy, intricate, and elaborate, there’s sure to be a faux-tin panel that is just right for your area!

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