New Thermoform Tiles Add “Dimensions” to Your Decors

Written by Milan Jara on 27th Feb 2013

We at DCT are always on the lookout for new products that we think will please our customers. To this end, we are excited to announce that we are introducing two new lines of faux tin tiles that are made in the USA from recycled materials. These tiles use a new process called Thermoforming, so naturally they are called Thermoform tiles.

Two New Dimensions in Decorative Ceiling Tiles

The two lines are called Dimensions and Dimensions Encore. Both of these lines feature tiles that are as beautiful as they are environmentally friendly.

The tiles in our Dimensions line are made from durable Styrene with a solid white matte finish. These tiles can be used as is for a clean, pristine look. If you prefer some color in your room, you can easily paint them with any oil-based or Latex paint using either a roller or spray.

6 White Patterns

These tiles are available in six of our most popular styles, including floral and geometric designs.

And for Our Encore . . .

The Dimensions Encore line features the same beautiful designs in four shimmering metallic-look finishes: Antique Brass, Bronze, Copper, and Silver. These finishes replicate the glittering look of metal at a fraction of the cost.

Thermoforming the tiles rather than stamping them gives the tiles sharp, crisp details that will really make the designs pop out and add even more depth and dimension to your ceiling, photography backdrop, floor, headboard, or anywhere else you can think of to use them!

Because of their 2′ x 4′ size, the new Thermoform tiles are perfectly suited for larger rooms as well as rectangular spaces, whether you use them in a drop-in setting or glue them up. And, like our other faux tin tiles, they can be easily cut and shaped with ordinary household scissors.

Your Safety is Our First Priority

All of the Dimensions and Dimensions Encore tiles are Class A fire-rated for safety. The tiles are also water-resistant, which means they can be easily cleaned, so they are suitable for use in kitchen and food-preparation areas as well as covered outdoor locations.

Whether you’re looking for tiles to cover a large room, rectangular area, kitchen, bath, or even an awards-show stage set, you owe it to yourself to check out our new Dimensions and Dimensions Encore Thermoform tiles for designs that are as easy to install as they are crisp and beautiful.

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