Mama Mia! That’s a Beautiful Drop Ceiling!

Written by Milan Jara on 18th Jun 2012

Do you dread replacing your worn-out drop ceiling because you think you will have to do all the work of replacing the entire structure? Worry not—you can easily replace that ugly ceiling in less than a day with our great glue-up ceiling tiles!

Pizza, Pizza

Check out these before-during-and-after photos of an installation in an Italian pizza restaurant in Margate, Florida.

Pizza Restaurant Before

You can see how plain and dull the old large acoustic ceiling tiles were and how unsightly the ventilation ducts were. But with just a little work, the owners were able to easily cover the old tiles with our 1204 “Queen Victoria” drop in tiles in Clear Coated Aluminum along with grid covers, transforming their ordinary pizza joint into a great-looking Italian restaurant. In less than a day, they were able to drop the tiles directly onto the old drop ceiling, easily hiding them and the white grid and achieving a stainless steel look.

Making a Splash

As you can see by the “after” photo, the owners added a bright splash of the traditional colors of the Italian flag—a green wave, a bright red top, and bold diagonal stripes of white—to the far wall, along with a list of their most popular menu items. The shiny new ordering counter proudly boasts the word “Pronto” (which means “fast” in Italian) in great red graphic letters.

Pizza Restaurant During

The installers were easily able to work around both the suspended lamps in the kitchen area as well as the recessed lighting panels, making sure that there is ample light for the chefs as well as the patrons. It was even easy for them to work around the ventilation fans and the suspended emergency exit sign!

Pizza Restaurant Completed

Just look how gorgeous the restaurant is now!

Just Like Mama’s

A few big-screen TVs on the wall allow patrons to enjoy sports, news, and other programs while they enjoy while sitting at tables reminiscent of Mama’s kitchen.

So whether your ugly old drop ceiling is in an Italian restaurant, a French bistro, or any other type of business, cover it up and beautify it fast with our drop in decorative ceiling tiles!

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