Make Celebrating More Fun with Confetti—Ceiling Tiles!

Written by Milan Jara on 30th Dec 2011

As the crystal ball drops to signal the start of a new year, we bid a not-so-fond farewell to the cares and troubles of the old year and welcome a brand new year with hope for its infinite possibilities and potential. Most of us celebrate this optimism with fun and festivity. And one of the ways we can make this or any celebration even more fun is with lots of brightly colored confetti. Why not make your celebration even more festive with confetti ceiling tiles?

New Year, New You

The new year is the ideal time to reinvent yourself, your business, or even your home.

confetti Ceiling Tiles

Confetti ceiling tiles are a perfect way to add a bit of playfulness and whimsy to any room. Just add champagne (or sparkling grape juice) and get ready to party!

Make Any House a Fun House

At home, add a little merriment to your recreation room or den with these pretty and fun tiles. Your kids will love having these tiles on the ceilings of their bedrooms or playrooms, too!

Happy New Year

Just toss in a smattering of brightly-colored throw pillows strewn around the room like the tiny scraps of colored paper raining down on a joyful celebration. Add some fun into your family’s life!

Cover Up and Color Up

There are few things more depressing and depressed-looking than cracked, crumbling ceilings or walls, or even walls that have been half-patched with plaster or spackle and left unpainted or uncovered. Don’t let the poor ceilings of your business or home look distressed. Add confetti tiles to cover up those sore spots and make your room look shiny and new and ready for a shiny new year. These confetti tiles are even available in a variety of bright finishes and cheerful colors to add even more fun to your celebrations.

Birthdays and More

You don’t have to be celebrating the start of a new year to give yourself a new start, either. No matter what happy event you’re celebrating, confetti always makes it more fun and festive. These tiles would even make a great addition to a birthday party room or banquet room in your restaurant or business, too.

These confetti tiles would also make awesome backdrops for birthdays, anniversary, bachelor and bachelorette, and wedding party photos.

And what victorious sports player or team wouldn’t feel even more honored having a picture taken with their shiny golden trophies in front of a backdrop of sparkling, colorful confetti!

So whether you’re aiming for a happy start to a fresh new year, celebrating a birthday or other happy event, or just looking for a way to bring a little more fun into your life, install these confetti contemporary tin ceiling tiles and get ready for your family to raise their glasses and offer a toast to you and your good taste!

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