Look Out Below: Use Decorative Ceiling Tiles to Upgrade an Old Room

Written by Milan Jara on 14th Sep 2011

If you want a good reason for using decorative ceiling tiles to upgrade a room, consider what might be above that old ceiling. Many remodeling projects such as removing an old floor covering or sanding down painted trim can be dirty, but few can rival the mess that can be created when tearing out an old ceiling.

Old Ceiling

Whenever I briefly consider tearing out an old ceiling, I remember back to a summer many, many years ago when I was working for a heating and cooling company while home from college for a few months. An old church had decided to modernize their furnace and add air-conditioning so we were installing ductwork in the attic. The only problem was — there wasn’t any sort of floor or walk board arrangement up there. Walking meant guessing where the ceiling joists were and hoping they could support our weight. I say guessing because they were buried under several layers and types of insulation that had accumulated over the years.

Of course, out of the entire crew I had to be the one who misjudged and found myself hanging through the ceiling and over the pews below. You don’t realize just how high those ceilings can be until you’re hanging there looking down. Thankfully I was athletic enough in those days that I was able to pull myself back up, but then there was the mess to clean up and a little bit of explaining to do with the owner of the company. I was just summer help and had probably just cost him the profit on the project.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles to the Rescue

I’ll never forget all the insulation and plaster laying on the floor of the church or how long it took to clean it all up — and that was just one spot in a large ceiling. That’s one of the reasons why I always look for another option when thinking about upgrading an old ceiling. Installing another layer of sheetrock can be a possible solution, but I’ve mentioned before how much I dislike working with that material — especially on a ceiling.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Decorative ceiling tiles can be the perfect choice for upgrading an old ceiling when you don’t want to create a huge mess. Glue up and drop in decorative ceiling tiles can be installed right over an existing ceiling without disturbing it at all. If you want to use authentic nail up tiles, just add a layer of plywood to the ceiling surface. If you want to keep your insulation up in the attic where it belongs, use decorative ceiling tiles when remodeling a room.

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