Let Decorative Ceiling Tiles School You on Classroom Renovation

Written by Milan Jara on 10th Sep 2012

School days, school days, good old golden-rule days. This just might be the happiest time of the year for parents—it’s back to school time! If you own or are responsible for the upkeep of a school, college, or even a single classroom and are looking for a way to freshen up the learning environment without spending a lot of money, you can’t beat decorative ceiling tiles for your school!

School board members, school district officers, PTA and PTO members, and even private school owners and principals are just some of the folks who can benefit from the beauty and affordability of our tin, faux tin, and styrofoam decorative ceiling tiles.

Restore and Renovate

If your building is old, dilapidated, and run-down, it can give the impression that you don’t value education. Older buildings, particularly those built before the 1970s, can even physically impair learning because they might contain asbestos and lead paint. In these cases, renovation is not only important, it is essential.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles and School Safety

Decorative ceiling tiles are the ideal way to cover up old popcorn ceilings, and the styrofoam tiles can even be used to cover ceilings that contain asbestos, as long as it is not crumbling. Our tiles contain no lead, and the faux tin tiles are Class A fire-rated for your students’ safety. Both the faux tin and the styrofoam tiles are especially good at absorbing noise, including the pitter-patter of all those feet, no matter what size they are.

From Preschoolers to Post-Graduates

From pre-K students just starting their education to graduate students finishing up their advanced degrees, your students’ learning environment should reflect your belief that education is important and deserves to take place in an atmosphere of beauty and integrity.

The Obvious Choice—and the Outside-the-Lines Choices

Schoolhouse Tile in White

Our 222 Schoolhouse tile, with its clean concentric squares and no-frills, no-nonsense, down-to-earth charm, might be the obvious choice for your ceiling, but we have many more less obvious designs to choose from.

Pre-schoolers would love our 2480 Toy Train or our 2427 Man’s Best Friend tiles.

Tutankhamun’s Tomb Tile

And our 2493 Tutankhamun’s Tomb tile would be perfect in a social studies classroom!

If the ceilings in your school have seen better days, whether you need to renovate an elementary school lunchroom or a university physics lab, Decorative Ceiling Tiles is sure to have a design that is a perfect fit for your curriculum!

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