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Know Before You Install: Real Copper Ceiling Tiles vs. Faux Copper Ceiling Tiles

Posted by Milan Jara on 18th May 2019

Edgerton Square – Aluminum Ceiling Tile – #2401 - White

Everyone wants to save money when it comes to renovating their home. And while faux copper ceiling tiles are easy on the budget, they might not be the most ideal for long term solutions like tin ceiling tiles or copper tin ceiling tiles. There is a time and place for faux copper ceiling tiles, but finding out which is best for your situation before you start renovating is the best option.

Though tin and copper tin ceiling tiles are great, let’s take a look at how real vs. faux copper ceiling tiles stack up to each other.



Pros of Real Copper Ceiling Tiles

When you start searching for copper ceiling tiles, you will find many different options in terms of color and design. Most metal ceiling tiles are dipped in another kind of metal to ensure sturdiness and durability.

Dragonflies - Copper Ceiling Tile - 24x24 - #2489 - Solid Copper

+ Easy to Clean

Real copper ceiling tiles are easy to clean. This makes them ideal for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom backsplashes. With food splatters and toothpaste sprays, having easy-to-clean copper ceiling tiles means you get to worry less about the mess. A damp rag will take the mess right off without any hassle.

+ Installation Methods Vary

There are many different ways you can install copper ceiling tiles to either a wall or ceiling. Because this is the case, you can choose the right installation method for your comfort and needs. Depending on where the copper ceiling tiles are installed, the installation method can ensure that the tiles don’t slip or fall, which could risk injury. The various installation methods could also mean you could use the resources and tools you have in your own home without having to spend a fortune getting the supplies you need.

+ Heat Resistance

Kitchen backsplashes are made to be around heat. Stoves, microwaves, and hot casserole dishes will undoubtedly get close to the backsplash at some point during its lifetime. That means the backsplash should be heat resistant. Copper ceiling tiles are made from real metal, which makes them heat resistant and durable. You will not have to worry about melting or dislodging from the surface due to extreme heat.

+ Water Resistance

Another thing that both kitchen and bathroom backsplashes should be is water-resistant. Backsplashes will be splashed with water (both hot and cold) at some point, which means the metal tiles must be able to withstand moisture. Real copper ceiling tiles are metal, making them water-resistant.

+ Minimal Upkeep

With real copper ceiling tiles, you won’t have to worry about the breakdown of the material overtime. Of course, metal can rust, which is always something to be aware of. However, the good news is that real copper ceiling tiles won’t breakdown overtime from overexposure or general wear and tear. Wipe them down and go about your day. It’s that simple!

+ Designs Vary

Copper ceiling tiles have a variety of different designs to choose from ranging from embossed to pressed to smooth surfaces. You can also find copper ceiling tiles in a variety of different colors, even though traditional copper coloring is typically desired. It’s easier to find prints and designs that last longer on real copper ceiling tiles, too. This will make your decorating efforts much easier in the long run.

+ Added Home Value

The resale value and overall aesthetic of a home increase with real copper ceiling tiles as backsplashes or accents on walls/ceilings. The real copper material comes with an added value increaser as copper is a highly sought-after metal all around the world.



Cons of Real Copper Ceiling Tiles

Rainforest Canopy - Copper Ceiling Tile - 24x24 - #2492 - Solid Copper

- Cost

Any type of real metal, copper or not, will cost you more than the faux version. This is because real metal is a material that is used in a variety of different ways throughout your home such as pipes and fixtures. While it might cost you more upfront to install real copper ceiling tiles on your backsplash or wall/ceiling, you will enjoy the extra upfront cost later down the line.

- Protective Finish Needed

While cleaning your real copper ceiling tiles is a breeze, you will need to add a protective finish to the surface to keep it from eroding over time. This is not a major con to using real copper ceiling tiles, but it is something to keep in mind. The protective finish will need to be reapplied over the course of its lifespan, but that upkeep won’t be much of a hassle. It’s just one more thing to keep track of.



Pros of Faux Copper Ceiling Tiles

Jackson Square - Copper Ceiling Tile - 24

+ Cost-Efficient

Anything that is not the real deal will cost you less money on the front end. Faux materials such as PVC, Styrofoam, or other lightweight materials will cost you much less than the real copper ceiling tiles. If you are on a tight budget, the faux copper ceiling tiles are the way to go.

+ Authentic Appearance

Most people cannot tell the difference between real and faux copper ceiling tiles from afar. The only way to really tell the difference is by getting up close and touching the actual copper ceiling tile. Even then, some people have a difficult time determining which ceiling tile is real or faux. Therefore, using faux copper ceiling tiles won’t cause anyone to think they’re anything but authentic copper.

+ Easy Installation

Lightweight materials are easier to install simply because of their weight. Faux copper ceiling tiles don’t require heavy-duty nails or power tools to install because they aren’t heavy themselves. In fact, faux copper ceiling tiles require as little as only an adhesive to stay up on the wall. This is a great option for those who are not comfortable with DIY projects or are on a tight budget with very little tools.

+ Various Designs

As with real copper ceiling tiles, you will find a variety of designs in faux copper ceiling tiles. They can be almost any color you want as well as any design you desire. If you choose a faux copper ceiling tile, you could even paint it to match the color you want.



Cons of Faux Copper Ceiling Tiles

- Durability

Overtime, faux copper ceiling tiles will wear down and need to be replaced. While most things in your home will need replacing after years of wear and tear, faux copper ceiling tiles won’t withstand the test of time. They will begin to breakdown as the material loses its integrity overtime. Replacement tiles will need to be put in more frequently than real copper ceiling tiles.

- Upkeep

Upfront costs are cheaper for faux copper ceiling tiles, but the overall cost from the time of install to the time of demolition is more than expected. You will need to replace damaged tiles more frequently and repair any spots that look worn down. They wouldn’t be ideal for areas where traffic is heavy or hands touch the tiles frequently.

- Not Always Heat-Resistant/Water-Resistant

Some faux materials are not heat-resistant or water-resistant. This makes these faux copper ceiling tiles less than ideal for kitchen or bathroom backsplashes. They might melt from the heat or disintegrate from the exposure to water/moisture. If you want something that will only need to be around for a short period of time, faux copper ceiling tiles may be a great short-term, cost-efficient solution.

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