Go from Blah to Beautiful with Scrolled Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 6th Oct 2011

Whether your home is new and in need of some decorating or older and in need of a little sprucing up, decorative ceiling tiles can help fill your design needs.

Scrolled Ceiling Tile

Featuring curled scrolls down each side, these beautiful Styrofoam ceiling tiles helped to transform this Canadian home from everyday to elegant. Fittingly for French Canada, a tiny Fleur de Lis appears in each corner of these gorgeous tiles.

Before Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Before Scrolled Tile Installation

As you can see from the “before” photo shown here, the old ceiling was plain and a little bare. It was OK but ordinary. The ceiling fan and dark brown ceiling beams added a little interest, but the ceiling itself lacked appeal.

After Decorative Ceiling Tiles

After Scrolled Tile Installed

The “after” picture shown here, on the other hand, shows a ceiling that is beautiful, elegant, and attractive. All this was accomplished easily in less than a day with decorative foam ceiling tiles. Using only some glue and a ruler, the Canadian owners of this home were able to transform their abode into a home that is now much warmer and more inviting. The owners particularly liked the little French ambiance added by the little fleur de lis designs in each corner.

Décor Themes and Color Schemes

The scrolls and fleur de lis can be adapted to enhance any décor theme or color scheme.

The tiles here would fit in well with any French decorating theme such as French Country. Kitchens are especially suited for this rustic look. Picture these tiles on your kitchen ceiling. Now add some ruffled curtains. Finally, fill in the scene with a rough-hewn kitchen table set with plates and mugs depicting Chanticlair, a freshly baked baguette, and a few glasses of Bordeaux. Can’t you just smell the hearty coq au vin bubbling on the back burner or your stove?

Add a Splash of Color

While the Canadian family chose to leave these tiles white, you can also paint them yourself with any water-based paint. For that French Country kitchen, try a soothing French ultramarine blue or a sunny yellow. You can even use metallic paint such as copper or gold to add an elegant antique look.

Not Just For Homes

These tiles are not just for use in private homes. They can be used in a variety of settings and buildings to improve the looks and atmosphere. For example, these scrolled fleur de lis tiles would be ideal for use in a French “patisserie” or bistro.

So whether you are a homeowner looking to add some interest for yourself, your family, and your visitors or a business owner looking to offer an attractive ambiance for your clientele, installing decorative ceiling tiles can be an easy, inexpensive answer to your decorating dilemma.

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