Game Store Ceiling Tiles Add Beauty to Grand Opening

Written by Milan Jara on 21st Nov 2012

Game enthusiasts in upstate New York will soon have a beautiful new gathering place when The Enchanted Badger Game Store opens in Ithaca on Friday, November 23. And has gone a long way towards helping make the shop even more beautiful with our 211 “Grandma’s Doilies” faux tin glue-up decorative ceiling tiles in a rich, warm Antique Copper finish.

Ithaca’s Friendly Local Game Store (and Its Ceiling Tiles)

Billing itself as “Ithaca’s Friendly Local Game Store,” The Enchanted Badger will host gatherings for live action role players (LARPers) as well as for those who enjoy board, card, video, and other games.

Helping to enhance the feeling of old-fashioned camaraderie and friendship that is generated by these fun social activities will be the gilded antique appearance of our 211 “Grandma’s Doilies” tiles.

Grandma’s Doilies Tile

These game store ceiling tiles are reminiscent of the delicate lace squares created by well-bred ladies in previous centuries, helping to bring an atmosphere of gentility into the 21st-century modern gaming venue.

Photos of the installation can be viewed on the Decorative Ceiling Tiles website. Because of Superstorm Sandy, The Enchanted Badger has not been able to update its website yet. There are plans to show the “friendly local game store” ceiling tiles and the rest of the interior. Be sure to check on the Enchanted Badger website again!

So if you live in or will be visiting the Upstate New York area soon, drop in to play a few games and stay a while to make new friends and have some good, old-fashioned fun at The Enchanted Badger. This friendly gathering place is located at 335 Elmira Rd. 3A, Ithaca, NY 14850. You can also call (607) 319-0139.

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