Faux-Leather Tiles: Add a Taste of the West to your Home

Written by Milan Jara on 11th Sep 2011

Have you ever heard of faux-leather tiles? One of the items I’ve always enjoyed most about building mid-range to high-end houses is getting the chance to see what the new owners do to personalize their new purchase as it makes the transformation into a home. I have enjoyed a good relationship with most of my customers and in many cases they practically drag me into their homes to show off a recently completed project they’re particularly proud of.

That is exactly what happened several years ago when a homeowner hired a custom painter to spend a week in their new home and was eager to show off the results. I can’t attest to it, but supposedly this painting contractor had done work in the U.S. Capitol Building — however, I can say that after seeing what he did in this home it wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

Faux-Leather Brushed Nickel Tiles

The rear wall of the family room in this house rose two stories to a cathedraled ceiling and was accented by a natural stone fireplace that went up the entire span — I had been responsible for that part of the room’s design. However, I was amazed with what the painter had done as it appeared as if the entire wall that hadn’t been covered with stone was now a light brown leather.

Now as someone who grew up with horses and saddles, I have to say that I’m somewhat partial to leather and a western or southwestern decors — needless to say I loved the look and was even more amazed to discover it had all been done with paint — there wasn’t as much as a swatch of leather on the wall. It was called a faux finish.

Faux-Leather Tiles: Realistic Appearance and Easy to Install

Faux-Leather Coral Gold Tiles

Unfortunately, most people don’t have access to a painting contractor with the skills to do work on the U.S. Capitol and even if they did, these types of craftspeople usually don’t come cheap. However, faux-leather tiles from Decorative Ceiling Tiles can give your room the same look at a fraction of the price — there’s even a good chance you can install them yourself. The company’s faux-leather tiles are available in several colors and designs that can be installed on both walls and ceilings — usually with just a little bit of glue.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles faux-leather tiles are even fire resistant and can add soundproofing to any walls or ceiling where they’re installed. If you like the look of the old west, faux-leather tiles may be just the decorating touch you need.

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