Draw All Eyes to the Ceiling!

Written by Milan Jara on 27th Sep 2011

If you’re looking for a way to add interest to a large room, decorative tiles are an easy way to add a touch of eye-catching detail to your ceiling.

Furniture in a large room needs to be large so that it doesn’t get swallowed up or become dwarfed by the long walls and vast expanse of the floors. Add to that a plain wooden floor, plain white walls, and a plain white ceiling and you run the chance of having one or two huge pieces of furniture draw all of the attention to themselves.

To avoid having your room look too plain or boring, you can add interest and a touch of elegance to your room with these beautiful white and gold-painted ceiling tiles. Featuring a wide gold stripe surrounding a stylish raised golden daisy, these 24” x 24” tiles lend a textured, artistic look that is both classic and romantic.

Daisy White Matte Ceiling Tiles

These tiles will look great in any room, whether in a residential or commercial property, and are easy to install even in large areas. They are especially suitable for use in a living room, dining room, library, or even a museum.

Ceiling Tiles Can Improve Your Family Time

The living room is where most families spend the majority of their time, and it is often the heart of the home. These ceiling tiles will make a large living room seem more cozy and relaxing and allow you and your family to really enjoy spending time in an attractive room.

Even a dining room can be made to seem more appetizing and comforting with these tiles. Whether you have a large, formal banquet hall or just a family dining room, these tiles will add a bit of sophistication to your meal times.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance a den or library, these elegant tiles will add the perfect touch of gold to match the gilt bindings on your most precious literature and reference books. Imagine yourself curling up on a window seat or love seat in your library with a good book on a crisp autumn afternoon while the red and gold leaves are falling outside your window. Or on a cold winter night in front of a roaring fire as the snow drifts down in the yard. Now picture these beautiful white and gold tiles lining your ceiling and you will feel as if you are a character in a novel yourself.

Daisy Ceiling Tiles In Museum

High-End Tiles Upgrade Any Location

These tiles are also perfectly suited for use in museums of any size. Imagine your customers wandering leisurely through the halls looking up at paintings, sculptures, or exhibits while these gorgeous tiles give an air of grace and class to your establishment.

So if you have a large room, just install some of these ceiling tiles and watch as your room is transformed from plain, dull, and boring to sophisticated, elegant, and beautiful.

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