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Written by Milan Jara on 10th Oct 2012

Some might say that we at get excited a little too easily, but we say that we have good reason. First we were featured on Bath Crashers, then Man Caves, and then the Primetime Emmys. That was all very exciting for us. But now our beautiful and decorative ceiling tiles have finally reached the Holy Grail of home restoration and the pinnacle of home repair—the website of none other than the Grand Guru of Home Improvement, Bob Vila. Imagine! Our decorative ceiling tiles and Bob Vila, together at last!

Bob Vila

With his PBS show This Old House, Bob’s name became synonymous with home repair and restoration. As he continued his television career with Bob Vila’s Home Again and Bob Vila, Bob became one of the most respected names in the home renovation industry. And with his fun guest appearances on Tim Allen’s Home Improvement sitcom, he reached celebrity status and became a household name.

The DCT Connection

So those of us at DCT were beyond thrilled when Bob chose one of our decorative ceiling tiles to appear in his list and slideshow of 10 Great Looks in Tin Ceiling Tiles. (If your browser does not land you on #9, please scroll through the slideshow until you come to it.)

The tile that Bob selected to feature in his list is our beautiful 12004 Tropical Fantasy Tile design. Intricate and complex, this gorgeous tile features four feathery palm frond designs surrounded by a series of deeply etched double lines and delicately raised dots.

Tropical Fantasy Tile

This tile will make you feel as if you were swept away into an intriguing tropical rainforest. Can’t you just hear the relaxing drone of the buzzing insects and smell the sweet perfume of the pink and gold plumeria blossoms?

Our Expanding Media World

We hope you feel a little bit of our excitement at all of the great news and press coverage we have been getting lately.

Our plans include expanding our presence in all of the media arenas. If you know of any great places for us to appear, please be sure to let us know—just call us toll-free at 866-297-0380. We’ll be happy to hear your ideas!

There are lots of ways to follow Bob. You can visit his website, listen to his radio tips of the day, “like” his Facebook page, follow him on Twitter, and even see his favorite things on Pinterest.

Visit Bob to get more great decorating, renovation, and design tips. Oh, and be sure to tell him that we said “Thanks!”

(Decorative ceiling tiles and Bob Vila! We’re still excited!)

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