Decorative Ceiling Tiles Go Mobile at Pretty Parlor A GoGo

Written by Milan Jara on 15th Jun 2013

San Francisco has long been known as a hub of creativity. Nowhere is this creativity more apparent than in the City by the Bay’s unique beauty parlor on wheels known as Pretty Parlor A GoGo. And we at Decorative Ceiling are pleased to say we have made a contribution to making this beauty parlor, well…beautiful.

It’s a Pretty Great Idea

The cosmetologists at Pretty Parlor A GoGo are on a mission to help the ladies (and gents, too, of course) of San Francisco feel better about themselves through beauty procedures including hair styling, eyebrow threading, excess hair removal, and even eyelash tinting. And we’re on a mission to make their mobile beauty salon more beautiful with our R47 Romanesque Wreath Styrofoam decorative ceiling tiles.

Romanesque Wreath

Because the mobile shop is long and narrow and has small windows that let in a limited amount of sunlight, the crisp, clean white of the Styrofoam tile is perfect for brightening up the space.

Pretty Parlor A GoGo

Misty, Sarah, and the other associates at Pretty Parlor A GoGo are waiting to help you out with your beauty needs.

Be One of the Pretty People

From holiday celebrations to wine tastings to television viewing parties to farmers’ markets, Pretty Parlor A GoGo makes the rounds of all of San Francisco’s hippest happenings. Just check out their Facebook Page Page to see where they’re going to be next.

If you are in or near San Francisco and you’d like Pretty Parlor A GoGo to visit your location, just call 415-866-4640 or email.

You owe it to yourself to become one of the Pretty People and spend a day of pampering the next time Pretty Parlor a GoGo is in your area. Come on, you know you deserve it!

If you have a ceiling tile project you’d like to share, just email us and you might just see your name in print!

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