Decorative Ceiling Tiles – Facebook Fans Contest

Written by Milan Jara on 14th Apr 2011

Q:What is there to win?

A: 100$ credit in our store

Q: How do I win?


  1. Post what are you going to do, with which product,when and why, also post a link to the product. Do not mention this contest.
  2. Copy that post from your wall and paste it on our wall at
  3. Recommend the product which your are planning on using from the product page itself.

Q: How will the winner be determined?

A: I will choose the most believable post and will announce the winner here and also on our FB page on 4/14/2011 at 9PM EST.

Q: How do we view what others have posted?

A: Great question, I have taken an image of the screen and marked where to click to see all recent posts. Here it the image.

Facebook Fans Contest

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