Decorative Ceiling Tiles Bring Bling to Emmys

Written by Milan Jara on 27th Sep 2012

Were you one of the millions of people who watched the Primetime Emmy® Awards on ABC TV last Sunday? We hope you liked what you saw above and below the stunning LED video walls on the Nokia Theater stage right behind host Jimmy Kimmel—sparkling borders created with two of our decorative ceiling tile designs! Backing up Kimmel and the featured celebrity presenters, entertainers, and winners from throughout the television industry, our two DecorativeCeilingTiles.NET products really lit up the Los Angeles stage!

Taking the Scenic Route

Two of our decorative ceiling tile products were chosen to decorate the set of Sunday evening’s live television broadcast of the 64th annual Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awards, better known as The Emmys®.

It’s an Honor Just to be Nominated

Or in our case, it was an honor to be chosen! The two designs chosen, one tile and one backsplash, really helped to add a sparkle of glitz and glamor to the stage. What a thrill to see our decorative ceiling tiles at the Emmys!

The tile chosen to bring a bit of bling to the beautiful Emmy set was our 1275 The Lounge tin decorative ceiling tile. It features a clean, simple, sophisticated design of raised three-dimensional squares.

1275 The Lounge Tile

The backsplash chosen was our 0661 Prism design in tin with silver finish.

0661 Prism Backsplash

This beautiful Prism design features a diamond-cut bevel style. That really caught the illumination from the klieg lights and helped add shimmer and shine to a broadcast already sparkling with stars.

Ready for Our Close-Up

Photos of this unique use of the ceiling tile and backsplash can be viewed on the official website of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at

We were absolutely thrilled to see our designs on the silver screen! But don’t worry. We’re still the same down-to-earth company we’ve always been. We promise we won’t let all the publicity and celebrity go to our heads.

. . . Well, maybe just a little. Our Decorative Ceiling Tiles at the Emmys! We’re still excited!

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