Decorative Ceiling Tiles Add Elegance to Hair Studio

Written by Milan Jara on 14th Oct 2011

As I’ve mentioned before, a picture can be worth 1000 words — especially when writing about decorative ceiling tiles. I sometimes spend a little too much time writing about how decorative tiles can be used to upgrade residential rooms and tend to overlook their many commercial applications. Every once in a while a happy customer sends me pictures that serve as a reminder that the tiles can enhance any type of business — especially those with a decors requiring a touch of class and elegance

Jeff Gemmette is the owner of Gemmette Hair Studio, a first-class hair studio located in Staten Island, NY. Many commercial businesses use drop-in acoustical tile as their ceiling finish as an inexpensive way to cover all the wiring and ductwork that is often located just under the roof of the space. While there are some somewhat attractive acoustical tiles, Jeff wanted something that wowed customers and served as a complement to the rest of his tasteful decors — drop-in acoustical tiles just wouldn’t do.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles Excel at Drop-In Applications

Decorative ceiling tiles are thought of by many people as a nail-up ceiling finish as that’s how they were traditionally installed. However, modern decorative tiles can be purchased for drop-in installations which make them ideal for commercial applications such as Gemmette Hair Studio where a tasteful finish is desired. The tiles can be easily popped out for access to mechanicals just the same as standard acoustical tiles.

Decorative ceiling tiles are offered in numerous styles and even different finishes that can match just about any interior decors your business might have and the grid system can complement or contrast with the tiles. The best part is that the decorative ceiling tiles are very comparable in pricing to acoustical tiles — an important consideration to a small business just starting out.

How do commercial customers like drop-in decorative ceiling tiles? Well, purchasing additional tiles for a new studio would seem answer the question. Gemmette Hair Studio will soon be expanding to a second location and Jeff will be using drop-in decorative ceiling tiles to help beautify the interior. The best advertising is a happy customer and Jeff seems to qualify.

Drop-in decorative ceiling tiles can be used for restaurants, niche retail stores, or any commercial business that wants to project a good impression to potential customers. If you’re operating on a tight budget, you can even install them yourself as they’re very DIY friendly.

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