Decorative Ceiling Tile Sample Packs Simplify Your Decisions

Written by Milan Jara on 26th Sep 2012

If you have made the decision to beautify your ceiling with our decorative ceiling tiles but have a tough time deciding exactly which tiles to use, there’s no need to flip a coin to make the choice. While our vast selection of decorative ceiling tile materials, colors, and styles can make it difficult to make that all-important decision, we have developed Decorative Ceiling Tile sample packs so you can “try before you buy.”

I See a Pattern Here

Sometimes you just need to see our tiles in person in order to truly appreciate the beauty and intricate details of certain patterns. Most of our tiles are relatively inexpensive. However, if you are covering the ceiling of a very large room or many rooms, the amounts can add up.

Tin Tiles Custom Piece Sample Pack

Of course, we want to make sure that you are satisfied with your tiles, so if you are unhappy when you receive your order, we will do our best to fix the situation. But you can make it much easier on yourself by ordering sample packs so you can see how a particular pattern looks in the location you plan to install them.

The Personal Touch

Seeing the tiles in person is especially useful if you are trying to match colors or patterns with pre-painted tiles. Sometimes computer monitors may not be correctly calibrated to display true-life color. Other times it might be impossible to move your computer into the room where you want to install the tiles.

Before you decide on a color, it can be helpful to see the actual painted tiles right next to the walls and furnishings to make sure that the colors compliment each other. With our 3 Full Faux Tin Tiles Sample pack, you can select any three full-sized tiles of your choice and have them shipped to you so that you can check them out right in your own home or business.

Finishing Touches

Metal Sample Pack of Copper Finishes

Other areas that you might want to check out before making a major purchase are materials and finishes.

Does that pearlized finish look as beautiful in real life as it does on your computer? Can our faux tin tiles really be used outdoors in an Alaskan winter? Will a full copper bathroom ceiling look warmer or overwhelm? The best way to decide is to see it for yourself.

So if you’re having trouble deciding on a pattern, color, finish, or material, make it easy on yourself by seeing them in person with Decorative Ceiling Tile sample packs and try before you buy!

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