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Written by Milan Jara on 25th Sep 2019

Lilies and Swirls - Faux Tin Ceiling Tile - 24x24 - #204 - Antique Silver

We often miss the opportunity to take our decorating initiatives to the next level when we want to redecorate a room. We generally think about the basic ways of updating a room’s look by going over color paint palettes, maybe some wallpaper or borders, furniture, rugs, and flooring. These are the standard decorating fair but if we broaden our horizons, some great decorative ceiling ideas are so often overlooked when we begin the decorating process. Part of this hesitation we have to use ceiling tiles is that we often jump to the conclusion that ceiling tiles refer to the ones that we have continually seen in schools, department stores, and hospitals. We think of the old standard drop in white Styrofoam looking styles that had little décor impact. But those tiles were old school and a long way from the great selection of styles that are available today.

When you decide to redo a room in your home or business, you can either hand it off to a professional or do it yourself. But no matter what way you choose to go, you can get some great ideas on how to best use ceiling tiles to make your room exactly what you want. Whether its home or work, there are many wonderful and inspiring ideas to make a room into something completely new. You can choose from classical, modern, colorful or subdued depending on the tact you want to pursue. There is almost no end to the available room altering choices of decorative ceiling tiles. You can look at adhesive, nail-up or drop-in tiles, add some door coverings, crown molding or bath inserts all of which will give you a plethora of ways to make a serious decorating change with some new and innovative products. Many of these options won’t create a financial dent either as the projects can be as big or small as you wish. Whether you take on the project yourself or get someone else to do it, you can pick and choose the products you want to use after looking at some decorative ceiling ideas to get a head start on your decorating plan. 



Benefits of Decorating with Ceiling Tiles

La Scala – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – 24x24 – #223 - Antique Brass

Many people do not know that putting up decorative ceiling tiles and their accessories can increase the value of their home or place of business. These tiles not only add aesthetic appeal but can spruce up rooms that were bland increasing the saleability of a residence or business building. Along with making a room look better, tiles and accessories are great for dampening the sound of a particular area in a building. Whether you are adding them to a home or business, they will improve the acoustics by soundproofing particular spots. This is great for multiple floor homes where the noise from above or below is an issue or for rooms in buildings where you want some quieter space for meetings and office work.

While ceiling tiles can benefit you as a home and business owner, they can also make decorating fairly easy. Whether you choose adhesive, drop-in or nail up, all styles of tiles offer instructions that are simple to accessso you can proceed in a step by step manner without a lot of stress. In this same vein, by putting these various types of ceiling tiles in, you are opening the door to a much easier way of dealing with room décor not only in the present by also down the road. They allow décor change that is simple and accessible due to the work that is done the first time around.

Decorative ceiling tiles are also easier to install and maintain when compared to other forms of ceilings. There is little mess if you want to change the ceiling style with different tiles unlike dealing with a popcorn or drywall ceiling that needs to be removed.

The further benefit of ceiling tiles comes in the fact that when they are used on the roof or walls, they create extra insulation and can save you money on heating and cooling costs. They are especially good at reducing heat loss as so much heat can be lost through the roof in the cold months. Less heat loss means less need to heat the room itself. Tiles also reduce the cost of when you need to run wires, piping, and conduits. If you put in a drop ceiling for your tiles, you won’t have to drill through joists but simply run things above the tiles saving time and money. This is especially beneficial when doing the ceiling of a basement. If you are looking to be financially savvy, ceiling tiles can help you meet this goal.



Using Your Decorative Ceiling Ideas

Bourbon Street – Styrofoam Ceiling Tile – 20x20 – #R43 - Plain White

Once you set out to redecorate at space, you can find lots of decorating ideas that will pique your interest. Including decorative ceiling tiles in your search will expand the options beyond the basic decorating mediums. The ceiling tile market has grown over the years and now includes beautiful options that can change and coordinate the style of any home or business. You can make a decorating statement with the simple addition of tiles to the décor.

Whether you go into a ceiling tile store or do your research online, you can find almost any style to suit your personal design preferences. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to do a complete renovation or simply clean up and change the tone of a space, decorative ceiling tiles can do either. There is a wide spectrum of style options along with an affordable range of pricing that can work together in meeting your decorating goals. No matter if your project is small or large, a ceiling, wall or backsplash, some tiles will meet every decorating idea. 

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