Copper Swirl Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 29th Sep 2011

Chicago is famous the world over for its pizza and pizza places. But if you are the owner of one of these busy restaurants, you know how hard it can be to keep your rooms looking clean, up-to-date, and welcoming. The owners of this iconic pizza parlor in the heart of Chicago wanted to make their restaurant appear elegant but at the same time hospitable, so they chose to add these stunning copper ceiling tiles.

Antique Copper Ceiling Tile

Imagine walking past this pizza parlor on a cold, snowy, windy Chicago winter’s night, peering into the large picture windows, and seeing the room’s lights glowing warmly and reflecting off of these handsome copper tiles that line the ceiling. Not only does the burnished copper make the restaurant appear cozy and inviting, it also gives the entire dining room a gorgeous glow of warmth and intimacy. I know it would make me want to stop in for a slice or a whole pie!

Antique Copper Lends Authority

The intricate raised swirl design of these 24”x 24” tiles adds texture and interest to what could otherwise be a plain white, boring expanse, while the antique copper look will make even a brand-new restaurant look like an established business, giving it an air of solidity, constancy, and endurance.

Add some framed photographs of the canals of Venice, the olive groves of Calabria, or the vineyards of Tuscany and your diners will feel as if they have been whisked away and transported to a winery in the Italian countryside.

Antique Copper Installed In Restaurant

And these tiles aren’t good for use only in pizza places. They can be installed in restaurants that feature any type of cuisine, including Greek, Indian, Middle Eastern, Russian, and more. Whether you are serving souvlaki or samosas, baba ghanoush or borscht, these tiles will add just the right touch of spice to your dining establishment.

Ceiling Tiles Can Muffle Noise

Additionally, lowering the ceiling will also help to lower the noise level so that diners can enjoy quiet, intimate conversation with their meals.

An added benefit of the copper is that it protects the ceiling from splatters and dirt. It is also easier to clean than a ceiling with open beams or acoustic popcorn.

Installation Is a Snap

It’s easy to install a new copper-tile ceiling. Even a large area can be completed in less than a day, whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you.

Your beautiful new ceiling will soon have your restaurant’s customers coming back for seconds. Whether your restaurant specializes in Italian, Greek, or any other type of food, your customers will be sure to shout, “Bravo!”

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