Church Altar Backdrops, Decorative Ceiling Tiles: An Inspiring Combination

Written by Milan Jara on 22nd Feb 2014

We are constantly amazed at the inspired inventiveness of our customers. You are constantly inventing beautiful and creative new uses for our decorative ceiling tiles. We’ve seen our tiles used for headboards for beds, as photography backdrops, to decorate wet bars, on television broadcast sets, as wall hangings, and, of course, on ceilings. Now we’d like to show you one of the most inspiring new uses that we have recently found out. Beautiful church altar backdrops, decorative ceiling tiles — it’s a terrific combination!

Inspiring and Beautiful

This idea is so simple and easy that we can’t believe we didn’t think of it ourselves. But we’re glad someone else did! The backdrops shown here, from a church in Maryland, are not only inspiring, they are also incredibly brilliant and beautiful.

Church Altar with Sunset Boulevard Tile

These altar backdrops use our Sunset Boulevard decorative ceiling tile in metallic gold as well as a variety of painted finishes.

Gold and Purple Altar Decor

Gold and Purple Altar Decor

Sunset Boulevard Tile In Gold

This lovely altar includes tiles painted pink and a soft pastel green.

Gold And Pastels Altar Decor

Gold And Pastels Altar Decor

Church Altar with Aegean Seashell Tile

The altar backdrop shown here features our 151 Aegean Seashell tile in the lovely Baby Blue Sandstone finish.

Easter Altar Aegean Seashell Tile

Easter Altar Aegean Seashell Tile

Aegean Seashell Tile in Baby Blue Sandstone

Not only are these altars beautiful, but we also carry several decorative ceiling tiles designed for churches and other places of worship such as our 1213 Inspiration tile and the 1207 Stained Glass tile.

Whether your ceiling tile project is in a church or temple, on a sound stage, in a photography studio, or in your kitchen, we’d love to hear from you. To share your projects and pictures, just email us and you might just see your name in print!

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