Capture the Look and Feel of the Tournament of Roses with Flower Power Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 2nd Jan 2012

What’s your favorite part of the Tournament of Roses Parade? Is it the thrilling martial music from the perfectly synchronized marching bands? The lovely Rose Queen and her court? The spirited cheerleaders and mascots for the teams participating in the day’s Rose Bowl football game? The gorgeous palominos and appaloosas with their highly polished sterling silver saddles and beautifully costumed riders? For me, it’s always been the breathtaking floral-decorated floats.

A Rose by Any Other Name

Often called the “Granddaddy of Parades”, the Tournament of Roses began as a way for the citizens of Pasadena to celebrate the lovely warm winter weather of Southern California and the fact that roses continue to bloom year-round in this semi-tropical climate. For over 100 years, the floats of the Rose Parade have been decorated with lovely, fragrant roses and dozens of other types of flowers and organic materials such as leaves and seeds.

Flower Power

If you love flowers as much as the founders of the Tournament of Roses did, show your appreciation with “Flower Power” decorative tin ceiling tiles.

Flower Power In Sapphire

Available in shiny tin and aluminum finishes as well as dozens of beautiful colors, these flower power tiles would be idea for businesses such as florists, home and garden shops, gift shops, and more. They would also fit perfectly in your home in a gardening area, bedroom, or even a kitchen or bathroom.

Fun with Flowers

There are still a few cities and other float sponsor organizations that enlist volunteers such as school groups and Girl Scout troops to come to the refrigerated warehouses and help decorate their beautiful floats.

Scouts Girls Decorate Rose Parade

The work is painstaking and chilly but loads of fun, and the fragrance of thousands of flowers is absolutely heavenly. But the best part of participation is being able to brag and show off your handiwork to all of your friends the next day when you see the stunning results of all your hard work floating down Colorado Boulevard to the cheers of the throngs lining the parade route!

You can even take your friends and family members to point out your craftsmanship on the floats in Pasadena’s Victoria Park, where they will be on display for a few days after the parade.

If you’re ever near Pasadena around New Year’s Day, join in the fun by helping to decorate the floats, watching the parade, or viewing the floats on display. But if you can’t make it out to The Southland, enjoy your very own tribute to flowers with Flower Power Classic tin decorative ceiling tiles. You won’t even have to water them!

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