Blue Sandstone Ceiling Tiles Will Make You Say “Opa!”

Written by Milan Jara on 27th Oct 2011

From the golden age to the space age, the country of Greece has been a fascinating destination, and its designers have inspired decorators the world over.

Ever since the Parthenon was built to honor the goddess Athena, Greek architects have set the tone for builders and designers in every location.

These beautiful blue sandstone decorative ceiling tiles bring to mind that classical period when architects discovered the golden ratio and used it to build temples and other structures that, as many as 4,000 years later, still stand and continue to awe and amaze visitors from every corner of the globe.

Right at Home

Whether you use them in your home or in your business, these tiles will evoke the same atmosphere of statuesque beauty. Featuring an ornate, richly embossed floral and chevron design, these tiles are perfectly suited for any room in your house, especially a formal dining room, sitting room, or living room.

Blue Sandstone Ceiling Tile

For a living room, find a sofa or loveseat and a few chairs striped in deep marine blue and white or an embroidered white on white design. Add a beautiful painting of the whitewashed buildings and iconic windmills on your favorite Greek Island and you will feel as if you are on a vacation in your own home.

In a dining room, these tiles would look great installed on a ceiling over a highly polished cherry or mahogany dining room table and chairs. Set the table with crystal goblets, fine china, and sterling silverware on your best lace tablecloth and you will be ready to host your entire family for a sumptuous Sunday or holiday dinner. Your rich new décor will be sure to impress even the most finicky yiayia!

Business Style

These tiles would also be great on the ceiling of a restaurant, gift shop, or even a clothing store. The floral design will add both a classic and romantic feeling to your business and impress your customers with their beauty.

Sea, Sky, and Sand

Besides the blue sandstone that matches the deep, rich color of the crystal-clear Aegean, these tiles come in a wide variety of pre-painted colors, ranging from the luminescent pearl white of Grecian columns, to the beige sandstone that would blend right in with the warm sandy beaches, to the light blue sandstone that seems to reflect the sky of your paradise by the sea.

Beach House Restaurant

To add pizzazz to your pizza parlor, choose these tiles in a rich metallic gold or silver. The glowing colors will add sparkle to your days and a rich warmth to your evenings. Your customers will love the classic look and have such a great time enjoying your delicious food and drink that they will want to dance like Zorba!

So install some of these beautiful blue sandstone decorative ceiling tiles in your home or business—it’s easier than you think—and you and your guests will be so excited about your new look that everyone will want to shout “Opa!”

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