Black Diamond Ceiling Tiles—Not Just for Skiers

Written by Milan Jara on 22nd Feb 2012

With winter nearly half over, it’s not uncommon to be getting a little tired of the cold and snow. But there are a few people who probably don’t feel that way—people such as Lindsey Vonn, Julia Mancuso, Ted Ligety, and Aksel Lund Svindal. These champion skiers love to challenge themselves by skiing—and winning—on the most difficult courses in the world: black diamonds and double black diamonds. And now you have the chance to overcome your decorating obstacles with brilliant Black Diamond Faux Leather decorative ceiling tiles.

X Marks the Spot

In some resorts, the symbol of a double diamond marked with an “EX” indicates extreme and rugged slopes. This difficult terrain requires skill possessed by only the most experienced skiers. The crisp geometric criss-crosses on the Black Diamond ceiling tiles show that, like these challenging runs, these sharp and understated ceiling tiles require a discernment and sophistication possessed by only the most discriminating home and business owner to appreciate how truly stunning they are.

These velvety looking black tiles are dotted with authentic crystals that sparkle in the light like snow sparkling in the brilliant rays of the winter sun.

Falling Diamonds

While they appear to be made from soft leather, they are actually a modern synthesis of materials that not only looks smooth but also acts to absorb excess noise, adding an air of hushed elegance to any room.

Après Ski

For those searching for some après ski nightlife, there’s no better way to spend an evening than lounging around a roaring fireplace, sipping a warming cocktail, and snuggling close to your ski bunny or buddy. Ski lodges and cozy mountain restaurants are only a few of the locations that would be enhanced by these sophisticated black tiles.

If you are lucky enough to own a home, condominium, or cabin in or near a mountain resort, you have the perfect opportunity to make it look cozier by adding these smooth and modern tiles to any room, including bedrooms, dressing rooms, and living rooms.

A Girl’s Best Friend

Of course, you don’t need to live in a winter wonderland to appreciate the charm of these tiles. Any hot urban night spot or upscale restaurant would also be enhanced by these debonair tiles. Add some black tablecloths and a few strategically placed splashes of crimson and you’re sure to impress even the most urbane visitor.

So don’t let any obstacles get in your way when you’re decorating your own winter paradise, wherever it may be. Install Black Diamond Faux Leather Decorative Ceiling Tiles with real crystals and get ready to create a suave and intimate venue for your customers, friends, and family.

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