Black Ceiling Tiles Add Drama to the Right Room

Written by Milan Jara on 24th Sep 2019

Tiny Tulips – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – Glue up – 24x24 – #148 - Black

Have you ever dreamed of having a dramatic flair in a room – or multiple rooms – of your home and you think black ceiling tiles could do the trick? You might be right.

Black ceiling tiles are not for the faint of heart in design. They are bold and create high impact but you shouldn’t automatically rule them out if these don’t apply to your general design aesthetic. There are plenty of ways to make a black ceiling work in a variety of different style rooms. The key is finding the right way to incorporate black ceiling tiles into a space so it makes exactly the right statement you want to make.

Of course, a black ceiling -- black in general, for that matter -- isn’t going to work in every room. If you’re trying to pull together a feminine pink nursery for a little girl who dreams of being a princess, black likely won’t work in the space. Of course, it could appeal to her “wicked witch” side and pink and black together is a bold design choice if done the right way.

The point is it’s important to be smart about where you use black ceiling tiles and you need to make sure they’ll work in a space before diving in. But when it’s right, it’s right and you’ll know it. The look you get majorly impacts the room.



Dispelling Myths about Black Ceiling Tiles

Tiny Tulips – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – Glue up – 24x24 – #148 - Black

First, we need to get the misconceptions about black ceilings out of the way. Black doesn’t automatically make a space look smaller. It doesn’t make it dreary or depressing or closed in, either. It can if done wrong or if that’s your goal. Done properly, though, black is elegant and sophisticated. Or functional and fun. It’s a great design option, no matter what you’ve heard in the past.

Black is functional, too. If you’ve been focused on the design aspects of bringing a room together, it can be tough to think about function. Meeting the functional demands of a space is less fun than design but it doesn’t need to be. Black functions great in TV and movie rooms. It works well in game rooms, too. Black ceiling tiles reduce the light reflected onto modern flat-panel TVs and also works great in dim lighting, so if you want to turn down the lights and enjoy a movie like you’re in the theater, go for black. Black ceiling tiles can also help to reduce noise so you’ll get the best sound quality in a movie or TV space.

In the end, you need to throw away everything you thought you knew about black ceilings and using black in design in general. Ceilings don’t need to be white and if they are going to be painted, they don’t need to be a light color. Tiles are a great way to achieve that dark, bold look you want without having to worry about painting over a dark paint color in the future.



WhyYou Should Consider Black Ceiling Tiles in Your Home

Wrought Iron – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – Glue up – 24x24 – #205 - Black

There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to consider adding a black ceiling to at least one of the rooms in your home. If you’ve already decided you love the look of black in a space, choosing it for the ceiling is a decision you don’t need to think too much about.

But what if you’re not sure? There are plenty of great reasons why black ceiling tiles work. Here are a few:

  • Black can pull together other design elements in a space. If you already have black accents and you want a unified look, draw the eye upward with black.
  • Black ceilings bring emphasis to ornate trim. If you love your trim work and you want it to get more attention, add black to the ceiling.
  • Black can lower a ceiling. Now, this might normally be viewed as a bad thing but if you have ceilings that are high and the room feels too spacious and cold, black ceiling tiles will lower the ceiling without giving up any space.
  • Black can also raise the ceiling. Think of how vast the night sky looks. Done properly, black can create that same feeling in a room that you want to feel endless.
  • Black ceiling tiles add drama to a space. If you want something bold in the room that isn’t just furniture or art, adding black to the ceiling is a great way to achieve that goal.
  • Black ceiling tiles go with a black and white color scheme. If you’ve added checkerboard design, houndstooth, or any other black and white pattern into a space, a black ceiling makes sense even though it’s a little unexpected.
  • Black ceiling tiles hid a multitude of sins. If your ceiling is in rough shape or you’re dealing with an unfinished basement, black will make the mess go away.
  • Black ceilings make sense when you have black walls. This doesn’t mean the room needs to be cave-like. There are plenty of ways you could pull together a room with two or more colors including black and have black on the walls and ceiling. It’s dramatic, but it works in a lot of spaces.
  • Black ceiling tiles can highlight a great outdoor view. If you want to bring attention to something going on outside of your windows, black has a way of drawing your eye toward it.

Black ceiling tiles are not for the faint of heart but they bring a lot of benefits to any room. Make sure you don’t count them out before considering all of them.

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