Amethyst Jewelry and Decorative Ceiling Tiles: A Union of Shimmering Bling

Written by Milan Jara on 7th Dec 2012

Amethyst Jewelry already had a silvery shine, but it added a whole new dimension of shimmer with its stunning makeover. The store used Decorative Ceiling Tiles’ 217 Alhambra faux tin ceiling tiles in a beautiful, shimmering silver. Maybe it’s the Libra in us, but we at just love it whenever we can bring more shimmer and shine to brighten up our world!

Alhambra Tile

Located in the heart of upscale Bethesda, Maryland, Amethyst Jewelry features unique, hand-crafted jewelry from fashion-forward designers such as Lauren Harper, Suzy Landa, and Lika Behar. Owner and operator Amy Hugo personally selects the designers that she thinks are the most innovative. Then she invites them to think of even more creative designs that are both contemporary and timeless for her shop.

Amethyst Jewelry Gleams with Bling!

Beautiful bracelets, rings, necklaces, and so much more—that’s what has made Amethyst Jewelry dear to those in the know! Their wares feature gold, diamonds, turquoise, and other precious and semi-precious stones that are sure to bring a sparkle to anyone’s eyes to match both the jewelry and the shiny ceiling. And just look at the beautiful ceiling in this gorgeous boutique jewelry shop!

Amethyst Jewelry Store in Bethesda, MD

The brilliant crystal chandelier helps brighten the ceiling even more!

Amethyst Jewelry Store Ceiling

With all of this shimmer, who wouldn’t be enticed into buying a shiny new bauble of boutique designer jewelry?

Two of a Kind

Amethyst is also pleased to announce that it will soon open a second location in the brand-new, upscale Mosaic District in Fairfax, Virginia. This center features a select group of shops and boutiques that range from fine dining to children’s clothing to art-house movies.

With the holidays fast approaching, be sure to visit beautiful Amethyst Jewelers in person or online. There you will find that one-of-a-kind gift for your sweetheart, mom, or any discriminating gal or guy on your list. While you’re at it, go ahead and treat yourself to some beautiful bling. Amethyst Jewelry and Decorative Ceiling Tiles know that you deserve it!

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