Affordable Alternatives to Tin and Plaster Ceilings

Written by Milan Jara on 3rd Jun 2012

If you’re looking to add interest to a dull ceiling but weren’t one of last week’s lucky lottery winners, you can still find plenty of affordable alternatives while still staying within your budget. (And, let’s face it, who isn’t on a budget these days?) With decorative ceiling tiles, you have your choice of tin, faux tin, polished copper, faux copper, styrofoam, or even faux leather materials in a huge variety of designs to fit any décor at a price to fit any financial situation.

Classic or Cute, Beautiful or Businesslike

There is a great decorative ceiling tile to match any décor, from clean and classic to adorably whimsical, all at an affordable price. You have two ways to decide which type of material to use.

The First Step

Some tiles are available in a choice of materials, and others are available in only faux leather or styrofoam. Some designs are available in only a drop-in style, while others are available in only a glue-up version. Still others are available in both styles. Once you see a tile design that you love on the website, check to see if it is available in a more inexpensive material.

Queen Victoria Solid Copper Tile

For example, the 1204 Queen Victoria tile is available in copper or polished copper finishes as well as the less expensive tin or aluminum materials.

Queen Victoria Tin Tile

If your room is shaped irregularly, don’t forget to calculate the cost of any necessary border of decorative filler. You can purchase filler rolls to match or contrast with your ceiling tile design.

Do It Yourself and Save Money

Even if you don’t think you’re very handy, it is very possible that you will be able to install our tiles yourself in a very short time. Our tiles are so quick and easy to install that almost anyone can do it in less than a day. Whether your old ceiling is tin, plaster, or even acoustic “popcorn”, these decorative ceiling tiles can be glued up right over the old ceiling or easily dropped into a suspended ceiling.

Plain or Painted

If you’re looking for a colorful alternative to your old plain white plaster ceiling, you can order these decorative ceiling tiles in a variety of pre-painted colors. But if you are on a strict budget and don’t have extra money to spend, you will find that these tiles are incredibly easy to paint yourself. The styrofoam tiles in particular are very simple to color with any water-based paint. You can spray them for an overall even look or hand-paint them for a dazzling rainbow effect.

So if you’re tired of dull, boring tin and plaster ceilings and want to jazz up your look without spending a fortune, just install your choice of one of our beautiful tin, faux tin, styrofoam, or faux leather decorative ceiling tiles and make a lasting impression on your customers, clients, guests, or family members.

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