Add Interest to your Office Décor with Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 4th Oct 2011

If you are a business owner, you want the people who work at your offices to be dignified, honest, and honorable. Your office décor can add to this air of trustworthiness by maintaining a look that is dignified as well as distinguished.

But how do you manage to make your office appear stately, grand, and imposing without looking dull? The right ceiling tiles can go a long way towards helping your establishment feel timeless and enduring and at the same time fresh, clean, and interesting. From venerable law firms to trendy high-tech ventures, there is sure to be a ceiling tile that is right for your business.

White Matte Ceiling Tile

The neat, orderly look of the offices of the Chicago accounting firm Simmons and Simmons shown here was helped out by adding spotless white ceiling tiles with a sharp, clear, well-defined edge. The effect is polished, neat, and orderly without being sterile. The precise, immaculate look helps the firm impress its clients with a classic, traditional look.

For a more modern look, choose tiles that have an edgy design or one that is applicable to your business. For example, a travel agency could add tiles with a palm tree design.

An all black-and-white theme makes the office look businesslike and modern. If you prefer a warmer color scheme, deep browns and dark blues will give a rich look.

Classic White Matte Ceiling Tiles

Add Color for Interest

This firm has added just a splash of color with wall hangings that break up the vast expanse of the large white walls and add interest. You can get the same effect by hanging a few paintings or photographs.

These conference rooms feature the clean lines of classic highly polished furniture. If you want a more contemporary look, chrome and glass or smoked glass tables would add a beautiful, modern touch.

The low-hanging chandeliers and light fixtures are both practical and dramatic, while the folding accordion partitions can be adjusted to add privacy.

Adding to the understated look of enduring respectability in the CPA firm are the subtle white-on-white quotations stenciled on the ceiling beams that ring the rooms.

Don’t Neglect the Floors

Floors can be polished wood for that modern look or deep, plush carpet in shades of forest green or dark brown to lend an air of prosperity.

If your offices face other buildings, window coverings are a must. Whether you use vertical blinds, drapes, or curtains, the privacy of your offices will reassure your clients that you are trustworthy. Of course, if you are on an upper floor of a high-rise skyscraper with an incredible view, you can always keep the blinds open!

So whether you are the owner of a long-established firm or a brand-new startup, make sure your office design fits the image you are trying to project. Start out with the perfect ceiling tile to match your décor and you are more than halfway there!

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