A Creative New Use for Decorative Ceiling Tiles: Headboards for Beds

Written by Milan Jara on 25th Jun 2012

We here at Decorative Ceiling Tiles just love it when we come across creative new uses for our ceiling tiles. One of the most interesting ideas we’ve come across in recent days is this great bedroom headboard that features our faux-leather ceiling tiles.

Simply Stunning

This stunning headboard was easy to create and build using our DCT-LRT02 faux leather glue-up tile in Vintage Gold. Each 15″ x 15″ tile was simply glued onto a backing framed by a striking black-and-white border before being attached to the wall right in back of the bed.

Leather Tile In Vintage Gold

Best of all, you can re-create this headboard yourself in less than a day!

Trompe L’Oeil Effect

The trompe l’oeil (French for “fool the eye”) effect is created by a square “buckle” button with rounded corners in the center of each tile surrounded by realistic-looking leather “folds”. This gives each tile a 3-dimensional upholstered look that is so realistic you’d swear they’d make a perfect armchair or soft, relaxing sofa. But the sturdy faux-leather material is strong enough to retain its good looks for years, while also being fire-rated for safety. And the tiles add a layer of soundproofing to your room, too.

More Creative Uses

Many more photos of this and other creative decorative ceiling tile uses and installations can be seen on our website as well as the Decorative Ceiling Tiles page at the Houzz home decorating website.

Our DCT Page on the Houzz Home Decorating Website

We’re always interested in finding new, different, or unusual projects that were created using our decorative ceiling tiles. If you’re willing to share your ideas (and what truly creative person isn’t?), send your photos or links to our e-mail. We’d love to hear from you!

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